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Simple Tricks to Avoid Steroid Gut

The bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts often use supplements to get the desired bulky effect of the body. It has been observed that the use of these leads to side effects that are visible in the short or long term and are harmful to the body. If you have noticed a bulky muscular man with the perfect lean arms and legs in the gym who has a beer belly and debating the possibility of it, then you might be encountering steroid gut for the first time.  The steroid is not directly related to using of anabolic steroid.

The roid gut

The steroid gut or roid gut or Palumboism deals with the use of a combination of some steroids that have been used to increase the bulking effect of the body like insulin and human growth hormones. The term Palumboism comes from the name of the American bodybuilder Dave Palumbo. The presence of the distended gut might knock you down a few points in the bodybuilding competitions as judges still prefer the perfect V-shaped ones. Use of hormone supplements should be done carefully to prevent any harmful side effects. The misuse of Human growth hormones can lead to visceral growth. This leads to increase in the growth in hands, feet, chest and even abdomen. Insulin use has also become prominent in the recent years among bodybuilders. The use of it leads to increase in the water retention and body fat.

Avoiding the Palumboism

The main feature of having this steroid gut is due to the misuse of the human growth hormone (HGH). If you are a bodybuilder and are still looking into experimenting with hormone you need to be very careful of the dosages. The presence of this enlargement is due to increase in size of the colon. Most of the organs in the body can be easily accommodated by skin and distension of muscles but what you cannot change is your ribcage. The side effects of anabolics can be managed but what you cannot do is increase the ribcage size. This leads to ridiculous roid gut pictures. But the presence of the leaky gut can be dangerous for the person in the long run. Mistakes of the distended belly with Palumboism should not be made for weightlifters or strength trainers. These groups of people normally use their stomach muscle to lift larger weights so in their case enlargement can be present due to their extensive weight training.

Steroid Gut -Not Much of Help in Forums

Some steroid users openly discuss their problems in the steroid forums.  This is how a large community interacts with each other. The users often comment how the use of one steroid helped them to increase the gain in weight. But not many users have been highlighted on the disadvantages of supplement use on a gut like “roid gut”. Though it might be that a small number of people suffer from this, yet, it cannot be ignored. It is necessary to note that the limited use of growth hormones can be essential and overdose or use over extended time can have more side effects.