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Setting up a basic sewing kit

When it comes to sewing one of the most enjoyable parts is choosing your Dressmaking Fabrics and if you are looking for somewhere to buy them from Click here to go to Quality Fabrics. Once you have your chosen pattern cut out and your fabric chosen you can embark on the creative journey of assembling together your chosen item, whether this is an item of clothing for yourself or someone else or perhaps some soft furnishings for your house.

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To ensure that you have the best of times creating your item it is a good idea to ensure that you have all the necessary tools in a bespoke sewing kit. Here are some ideas of items that you may want to include:

Fabric Scissors

These scissors should be number one on your list as they are specifically designed for cutting fabric and you should make sure that you don’t use them for anything else as this causes the blades to become dull and will affect your material during cutting. There are many different types of scissors available so choose a type to suit you.

Tailor’s chalk

When it comes to transferring pattern marking onto fabric and in particular dark fabric tailors chalk can be a god send. Not only can you find it in the traditional form, but you can also purchase tailors chalk pencils which may be easier for you to control. The chalk is easily removed once you no longer need the markings on the fabric.

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Seam ripper

Now let’s be honest, we have all had sewing mishaps, whether this may be from sewing the wrong pieces together or perhaps putting one section on upside down. Picking out stitches is no fun and a seam ripper will make light work of this and have you back to sewing the items back together in the correct way in no time at all.

Measuring tape

This is probably a pretty obvious one but the number of times I have need a tape measure and had to go hunting around for one is embarrassing to mention. Again, you can find many different types from your standard tape measure right through to those that cleverly curl back up into themselves.

Pins and Needles

Having a variety of dressmakers pins available means that you can carefully place all of your items together and ensure that the fit is correct before you start machine sewing them together. Hand needles are important should you need to hand sew on any embellishments or buttons and of course it is always a good idea to have some spare machine needles for those annoying moments when the machine needle decides to break.