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Scandinavian-Inspired Choice That Fascinates With Its Nordic Coziness

Nature is the very first thing that comes to our mind when we think of Scandinavian decor. The materials come from the fields and woods with the colors inspired by the harsh Norse spectacular scenery. The most common materials are natural wood and stone, the color scheme is rather neutral, with white colors prevailing in the background. Live plants are one of the most significant details of the decor and fill dead air space with their fantastic shapes and vibrant green color that produces such a smoothing effect.

However, despite the focus on organic materials such as curved wooden chairs, chunky knit blankets, woven baskets, and hemp rugs, leather isn’t the best choice for the Scandinavian-inspired design. The furniture is mainly textile, with light colors prevailing: they may include beige, grey, and light-blue shades. A good idea is to add some color by placing bright pillows on sofas and chairs or adding small framed pictures of nature and plants upon the table tops. One of the most popular accessories here is still a sheepskin blanket tossed over the couch or chair’s back.

The Scandinavian style interior is distinguished by its muted color palette with a plethora of small yet fascinating details which is now become very popular among the cozy coffee shops, small casinos, and homey little inns. However, it adds some modesty, sophistication, and simplicity without making the space drab or tedious.

Inspired by cold and rare Nordic sunlight, space should be normally designed with large windows to maximize the amount of natural light that enters the room, thus making the entire space greater and more austere than it actually is.

With the accent on nature and health, Scandinavian style decor runs away from the distractions of computers, television, and phones, creating warm and welcoming free-tech atmosphere that gives a lot of private space.  The various contemporary elements in the decor including clear glass baubles, simple photo frames, and portable lamps create very own oasis of calm. A good way of arranging the furniture in your future project is using some special application that allows you to have a look at what your place is going to look like. Using these applications does not require any special knowledge and can be as simple as playing in an online casino.

Finally, Scandinavian-inspired style shies away from the niceties of traditional styles and focuses more on the contemporary details making it a long-lasting trend in the market.