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Road Trip Essentials for an Enjoyable Travel Experience 

There is always something special about a road trip. It’s more than just an adrenaline-inducing activity. It’s a spiritual experience which broadens our horizon and opens us up to new and meaningful experiences. Going on a road trip with besties is a lifetime experience, especially when it is unplanned. However, you must do some advance planning for the success of your unplanned road trips. Here are some most important essentials for the perfect road trip.


It is always best to pack light and avoid unnecessary loads for your road trip. If possible, use duffle bags   for most of your luggage as it is easier to stack and squeeze soft bags. If you’re planning for an overnight stay, just pack one bag with all the sleep essentials. 


Wear clothes that you feel you will be most comfortable in. Loose and breathable clothes are recommended for long road trip. Make sure you pick dark colored clothes since they conceal dirt, stain, and wrinkle well. 

Snacks and Beverages

It is the foremost thing; every road trip lover should have in the vehicle. Especially, when you’re on unknown road trips keep plenty of food and beverages with you as you never know whether or not you will find eateries on your way or not. Take sandwiches, fruit juices, and nuts with you when you know, you will be driving for a long stretch. 

Handy repair equipment

God forbid, if your car breaks down on an off road where no help available whatsoever is available, repair tools will make sure your journey doesn’t come to a standstill. Keep tire puncture kit and weight distribution hitches in your car to avoid any kind of inconvenience. 

Your Favorite Playlist

Music is the best partner for long road trips and your road trip is incomplete without playing your favorite tracks and singing your heart out while driving. Good music will keep you going until you’ve reached your destination. Make a collection of your favorite tracks, burn them on the CD, and the recipe for your road trip entertainment is ready.

First Aid Kit

We all know a first aid kit is essential yet it’s not uncommon for travelers to forget to pack this item. Your first aid kit should be your travel survival kit. Consequently, it should contain all the important items like bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze pads, antibacterial ointment, etc. 

Spare Keys

Having a spare car key while on a road trip may prove beneficial. From preventing lockouts to saving money, keeping spare keys is a good decision. 


Don’t stay dependent on your smartphone’s flashlight as you just can’t waste it for lighting. It is advisable to invest in a high power flashlight fitted with a new set of batteries.    

Opposite to the popular belief, the road trip is not about taking your car out and hitting the road instantly. It requires a lot of preparation and ground work before you can head out. Hopefully, these survival tips will make your road trip memorable and keep you ready to handle the unexpected circumstances.