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Replacing a Photo’s Background with Movavi Photo Editor

Thinking about superimposing the subject from one of your photos onto a different background? To do that you’ll have to remove and replace the current background of your photo – which is something many people don’t know how to do.

The tricky part to removing and replacing a background is selecting which parts of your photo that you want to delete and which parts you want to keep. As you can imagine it can be time consuming, which is why you should try using the photo background editor features in Movavi Photo Editor.

Once you launch Movavi Photo Editor you can click on the ‘Browse for Images’ button and select the photo that you want to edit. It will open up in the main working area, and you can then click on the ‘Change Background’ tab located right above it.

In the sidebar that opens you will see a green ‘Foreground Brush’ that you can use to mark the subject and other elements that you want to keep. Similarly there’ll be a red ‘Background Brush’ that you can use to mark the background areas you want Movavi Photo Editor to remove.

As you mark the elements a selection frame will appear around them and you can click on the ‘Next Step’ button even if it isn’t that accurate. Once you do you’ll be able to use the brushes and other tools to refine the selection further. In this section Movavi Photo Editor will even provide a ‘Hair Selection’ tool to help capture small details.

When you’re satisfied with how accurate the selection is, you can once again click the ‘Next Step’ button and this time Movavi Photo Editor will remove the background. To add a new background in its place you can then click ‘Add Image’, and if everything checks out click ‘Apply’ then ‘Save’.

All in all Movavi Photo Editor will make replacing your background a lot easier, and you should be able to make sure your selection is a lot more accurate too. With the other features you can improve your photo further, and enhance its quality, apply filters, remove unwanted objects, add captions, and much more.

By the time you’re done editing your photo it should look precisely the way that you want it to. Rest assured every feature in Movavi Photo Editor is just as easy to use, and you’ll be able to learn how they work in no time.