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Pycnogenol is An Effective Skin Rejuvenator

An extract of the French Maritime pine bark, Pycnogenol can be used both for topical and oral application for several dermatological issues. A unique combination of this supplement is known to provide unmatched benefits for skin care treatment. It binds with skin proteins elastin and collagen providing essential protection to the skin from harmful enzymes helping in the build-up of elasticity, thereby providing a smooth and younger look. It also reduces over-pigmentation and brown spots thereby promoting the glow of the skin. By neutralizing free radicals it helps protect skin from damage of photo-aging and sunburn.

Various research studies conducted over the past couple of decades establish the beneficial effects of this supplement as an effective anti-oxidant. Besides being used for the treatment of many health issues Pycnogenol proves to be an effective and reliable compound in combating problems of premature skin aging. This compound known to be the King of Anti-oxidants is 20 times more effective than Vitamin C and 50 times more effective than Vitamin E in counterfeiting free radicals and maintaining a healthy and glowing skin.Image result for Pycnogenol is An Effective Skin Rejuvenator

Dosage recommendations

Although a dosage range of 40 mg to 60 mg have been known to be effective when used for a prolonged time period the standard dosage level tends to vary from 100 mg to 200 mg per day. Several studies have been conducted by breaking up the daily dosage level into two parts as also charging a single dose for the same but no comparative study has been conducted to establish which option provides better results. Although this product is recommended to be taken with meals it does not provide any compulsion on the part of the user. However, the intake level varies depending upon the purpose of use for which a professional health-care expert needs to be consulted.

Proper usage duration

The time period for which this supplement needs to be used is dependent upon the purpose of its use and the prescribed dosage level for such treatment. While most of the dosage recommendations are based upon the trial and error methods conducted on research labs very few of them have actually been approved for human use. Many doses are also based on single or uncontrolled studies. The duration of use is an essential factor that determines the outcome that can be expected from the use of this supplement. As per clinical trials the most common prescribed duration ranges from 2 to 3 months with longer duration being prescribed for specific cases.

Till date there is no published toxicology, pharmacology or chemistry that provides for a limited duration of use of this product. Moreover, there is also no prior evidence that indicates a negative impact from the prolonged use of this product. Manufacturers of this product also recommend its use for the treatment of many health issues depending upon the concentration level of the product being put up for sale. The right amount of dosage intake combines with the stipulated time period for use can ensure its users to provide the best results for both preventive effects and treatment of various chronic health complications.