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Progo scooters making it possible to go where you want when you want

The Progo 3000 – With such power, yet the eco system doesn’t suffer

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When the need calls for a motor scooter operated on propane and having a design that makes it possible to offer least impact on the environment than the electric scooters while providing the great performance that you get from your traditional gas scooters. When in search of a scooter that is legally approved where a lot of gas powered ones are not – this one is EPA and CARB approved. Do you know you can go a range of about 40 miles per propane canister at a speed of 20 mph? Well, all of these can be found in one particular scooter – the Progo 3000. However, this isn’t all, there is more to find out in the progo scooter reviews.

So, what features are you not benefiting from at the moment and you can get from a propane scooter? You no longer need to struggle with getting your scooter to start because the Progo 3000 needs just an easy pull to get it started. If weight is what bothers you, you can forget about that already because this scooter is light weighted and just for the convenience of the user, it can be folded for storage and carrying. The front and rear disk brakes give more guarantee of bringing it to a halt faster and safer. In as much as it looks not so big in size, the rugged steel frames that it is made from ensures its durability. Well, not only the users enjoy all the benefits, the environment also gets to benefit this time – the Progo 3000 does not choke, does not prime, and doesn’t require a carburetor gum-up (propane burns clean with lower and cleaner emissions)

More to know about the propane scooters to aid your choice

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Who says you cannot make a scooter your favorite transportation mode? The Progo 3000 has made this more than a dream come true with its ability to do more without necessarily having to be sturdy. You will really feel the difference between the progo 3000 and other powerful gasoline carriers when the need arises to move it by hand or store it after use.

The ease that the propane cylinders provide is incomparable. Not forgetting that you can load up to six of these containers and the weight still goes unnoticed. One of such cylinders holds high-pressure propane (16.4 oz) and the weight of one filled up cylinder amounts to about half a kilo. This sums up to merely 35 lbs. of the Progo 3000 itself, which makes up for the delivery of a light-weighted, but a very powerful vehicle that can take you on a ride nonstop for up to two to three hours. Do not allow the 25 cc scooter’s size to fool you, it still moves at a speed of 20 mph, which is undoubtedly exceptional for a machine of this size. In short, just consider that you are paying a token for swiftness and power in a small compartment. The Progo 3000 brings an end to the exasperating setbacks of the gasoline and electric scooters with its eco-friendly personal solution for safety and cleanliness.