Detox Solutions

Detoxing: The secret to staying Summer Time Fine all year long

This goes without saying but, what you put into your body is half the fitness battle. There are two ways to think about what you ingest: 

  • Proactive – Dieting is the process of restricting what you eat and increase intake of healthy food
  • Reactive – Another perspective on what you ingest is cleansing your body

What’s the purpose of cleansing your body?

Well, your liver’s main function is to detoxify and cleanse. As you can imagine your liver has an incredibly challenging and never-ending role especially when you consider what you eat and drink on a daily basis. What helps your liver a ton is eating foods that are easy to digest with minimal toxins. For those of us that are not prepared to make drastic diet changes what is the answer. Detoxing.

Cucumber, Spinach & Lemon Detox

Ginger & Apple Detox

Cucumber & Strawberry Detox

Cucumber, Seaweed & Lemon Detox