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Photo Mistakes to Avoid

Imagery is one of the most important parts of web design. While some websites are visually appealing without images, the majority of websites benefit from some great images.


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However it is very easy to use an image that isn’t ideal, especially if the image looks great at first glance. Whether you are a photographer uploading images for others to use, or a website owner choosing images for their site, here are five photo mistakes to avoid making.

Use High Res Images

It can be tempting to use smaller images as they open and download quicker, but you should always choose high res images over low res images. This is because they will look much more professional, which in turn will make the website seem more trustworthy and appealing.

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Lose the Flash

Flash websites used to be popular, but today they are less efficient than ever. This is because flash prevents Google search bots from ranking your website properly, and it won’t work well on smart phones. If you want to include movement try using a slider instead.


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Consider the Speed

According to The New York Times, people tend to visit a website less often if it is slower than a similar website by more than 250 milliseconds. That is a very short amount of time, so you should avoid using giant images that will slow down the webpage. You should still use high res images, just be careful to avoid ridiculously large ones!

Include Information on Each Picture

It is important to choose images that are beautiful and professional, but once you have found the images the job isn’t over. You still need to add information to the pictures so that search engines can find them, as this will boost your website’s ranking so that you reach a bigger audience. Make sure to include alt tags, as these will significantly help to boost your Google ranking.

Run a Blog to Help Reach More People

If you are a photographer who is hoping to sell their images to businesses and website owners, you should start a blog to promote your services. This will boost your audience and eventually your customer base, making it easier for you to boost image sales.