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Peter Loftin: A Businessman and Human Being Par Excellence

Peter Loftin is a name to reckon with – in the commercial arena of the United States of America and not without reasons. From helming the much revered Business Telecom Inc. (he is the founder and former Chairman of the Board) to making innumerable charitable donations- Peter Loftin’s unmatched contribution to the society is a proven fact. In the course of this post, we will try to know more about Peter Loftin – through his strictly professional credentials as well as his major contributions to the society as well.

Contributions: The Most Significant of them

Topping the list of his contributions to the society is perhaps his assistance in the development of the BTI Center for Performing Arts (Raleigh, North Carolina) into one of the largest such venues to have existed between Tampa and Washington D.C. Apart from it, he has made significant contributions to the well-being of veterans, families of deceased soldiers as well as charitable organizations. If you want to find out more about them, do make sure that you are actually reading on.

Peter Loftin besides being such an important part of Business Telecom Inc is also the owner of a leading South Beach Private Club Casa Casuarina in Miami. Notably, this venue has been often offered by him for several events- owing to which more than 30 charitable organizations stand benefited today.

Loftin’s Contribution towards Society:  A Few More

He has always unconditionally backed Police Athletic League and North Carolina Museum of Science. What more? He has actually served the illustrious National Board of Governors of the American National Red Cross. He rendered these services during one of the most difficult times faced by the country – i.e. the 9/11 tragedy.

Do you know about the Special Operations Fund? It is responsible for offering financial assistance regarding college funding to children of the fallen Tier 1 soldiers. It also backs Airborne & Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Let us tell you that his role as the founder of BTI wasn’t really restricted to its administrative aspects. There too he was hugely invested in his goodwill efforts. There he was actively involved in instituting a program dedicated to serving people with disabilities in the schools of rural North Carolina. Free internet services, and being recognized as the Corporate Citizen of the Year were part of his efforts.

Notably, his contribution towards the well-being of children deserves special mention.

He was responsible for developing camp BTI for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. This institution introduced the 2 on 2 basketball model – which was suggested by Loftin. Later it became popular across the entire Atlanta. As early as in his twenties, Peter Loftin actually went on to set up Coats for Kids- which was responsible for supplying or donating winter coats to kids.  

Last but not the least it has to be mentioned that this man’s contribution towards the advancement of the society has been “all-encompassing” in nature. Loftin notably has touched variant chords of life by paying attention to variant needs of the society as you can gauge.