Cost of living as a Millennial: The Case of the Disappearing Checks

In the spirit of Sherlock, I often search my transaction histories and attempt to deduce how my funds have left me.  I’m a responsible NYC resident and an accidental hermit so, I should have much more operating income between paychecks.

I budget well- although I can honestly say I have had my share of slip-ups and unexpected withdrawals.  I’ve spent way more than I should on meals and nights out, but those were all sparingly done and supposedly covered by my “just in case” allocations- or so I would like to believe. 

While digging and foraging for spare cash, I discovered truly where my money was going: my overall cost of living.

The average person between the ages of 25-34 makes $50, 620 according to national statistics from the DOL. For educated creatives like myself, NerdWallet reports that Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations have a national average of $58,950 for salaries in those industries- not too shabby right?  Well, it depends.

For residents of major cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Miami and my home, New York City, making less than $65K annually can set you on a long track of maintaining life on ever-dwindling savings or strictly living check-to-check until you can either move or find a better-paying position.  The ideas of either choice seem daunting and discouraging enough- adding additional education expenses makes it seem unimaginable to handle.

With roughly 70 percent of students who graduate with undergraduate degrees having loans as a part of their college financing and a national tally of $1.5 trillion in student loan debt, the picture painted here is one where the average college grad cannot afford to live in the cities most ideal for starting and furthering their careers.  In my case, making monthly payments totaling $450 a month, paying $1250 for rent and $150 on commuting to work makes even food expenses seem like a luxury.

It’s elementary that the conclusion one can draw is that our national economy isn’t engaging their graduating classes correctly- the disconnect is affecting our lives in the most basic ways- a recent grad shouldn’t have to choose between defaulting on a student loan and ensuring they can eat each night. 

Something has to give.  The case has been solved but, the problems are still wreaking havoc. a

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Burning Fat without Exercising

Introducing The Fat Burner as a part of the Detox Solutions series

The Fat Burner is designed specifically to burn fatty cells that are stored in problem areas. Utilize The Fat Burner Solution to burn fat while you complete your everyday tasks. Then, during your workout try an Energy Boost to take your workout session to the next level.


  • One Cucumber
  • Two Large Grapefruit
  • Three quarts of water
  • Optional Two Lemons



Benefits to Ingredients

Cucumber are high in nutrients,  low in calories but high in many important vitamins and minerals. Contains Antioxidants, Promotes Hydration & aids in Weight Loss.

Grapefruits can offer benefits before breakfast or at any time through the day. Eating grapefruits or drinking grapefruit juice before a meal may help lower total calorie intake which can help weight loss.


  • Slice cucumbers, peel and dice grapefruit (carefully to keep all the juices inside)
  • Add cut fruit to a large container (4 quarts or bigger)
  • Add a layer of ice
  • Add water on top
  • Allow 2-3 hours for fruit to detoxify the water
  • Drink  1-3 quarts daily (can refill with water after gets low; replace fruit after two days)

One With A Collar Turtleneck

All photos taken by: Alexis Holified (Instagram: @lexiloathesyou)

“The best time to wear a striped sweater, is all the time. One with a collar, turtleneck, that’s the kind.” – Spongebob Squarepants, RIP Stephen Hillenburg.

And just like Spongebob, I too have many feels for this prized element of clothing that fall and winter bring; the amazing, wonderful turtleneck.

The turtleneck was once considered the bane of my existence. As a child, when my mom dressed me in itchy turtlenecks, ya girl wasn’t having it. Fast-forward to today where I’ve already purchased four turtlenecks for my current fall/winter wardrobe, and still have about five more in my forever 21 basket online.

Everyone loves a good turtleneck, and if you don’t, you should, and here’s why:

The turtleneck, formally known as the polo neck, got its start in the 1800’s, popularized by polo players at the time. Also worn by the workingman, the turtleneck was often associated with privilege and power. Then there was a shift, the turtleneck became a power statement that women grasped hold of, playing into the narrative that women can be sexy in more than just a bikini. The turtleneck has been labeled in many different facets over the years. Some say they’re for the prude conservative type, some say they’re for the powerful type, or even for the nerds. But for me, the turtleneck is for any and everybody who is either a fashion icon, or who honestly doesn’t give a f*ck about what anyone has to say.

Let us take a moment to recognize some of the most epic examples of turtlenecks:

  • Kathleen Cleaver, an icon that put on a turtleneck in the name of injustice
  • Prince. Serving face, nothing out of the ordinary there
  • Naturally, Future cleans up nicely in his fitted suit and turtleneck
  • And check the drip from Drake in the I’m Upset music video

Never forget the power of a good turtleneck.

And for those of you who still don’t believe, or have been scared since childhood, don’t fear, turtlenecks are here to save your wardrobe slump and give you the confidence that will take you above and beyond expectations. Secure the neck, the turtleneck that is.

My name is Sauce God, and I approve this message.

It’s Time to Start Solo Traveling

It’s probably fair to say that most of us want to travel. But are you that person that hasn’t been to very many places because you’re always waiting on your friends or family to get their sh*t together?

Here’s the answer. Just go alone.

Here’s three places you can check out on your solo Trek.

1. Thailand –– one of the best first time solo travel destinations. Stunning beaches, cheap accommodation and a backpackers paradise. In Thailand you can pretty much cherry pick whatever kind of experience you want.


2. Australia –– by far the easiest destination for your first time traveling alone. A high standard of hotels, easy transport links and thousands of miles to explore. For a raw outback fix, Kakadu National Park is worth at least a few days. The East Coast offers sunny surfer towns, vibrant cities and the gem of Queensland, The Great Barrier Reef. You can hop on a day trip to scuba dive this breathtaking underwater world. The high standard of Aussie tuition on offer is perfect for the first time diver.

giphy (1)

3. New York City – In NYC you can be as anonymous as you like, and indulge in some fast paced people watching. This electric city just makes you feel alive. Of course you should head to the Top of The Rock, but don’t just stick to the midtown highlights, explore Downtown, Harlem and Brooklyn. Eating out solo in NYC is a breeze. For brunch, pull up a bar stool at Cafe Habana in SoHo, or for later in the day, everyone is welcome at the lobby at Ace, which is super stylish and super laid back.

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