Not Keeping Up

I hate that I’m even writing this name but lets unpack this topic: The Kardashians. Let me say the few positive things I have to say: they (mostly Kris) are super hustlers and understand how to come up. I can respect that quality in any person. They also do well at staying relevant. Yea, that’s all I got.

Here are the reasons why I don’t rock with this super annoying hella popular Clan.

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Common Misconception That Black People Don’t Hike

My alarm goes off and it’s 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday. For a split second I think “Why am I getting up so early on a Saturday,” but the thought goes away as I roll over to turn off my alarm. I’m doing the usual morning routine – brush teeth, wash face, do hair – as I prepare my mind for this five mile hike. Yes, I’m a hiker, a black hiker.

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