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NYC Art Scene News: LIPS Film Festival 2017

Love Independent Films? Then Check Out the LIPS Film Festival in NYC!

One of the biggest events in art cinema will take place this October in New York City, as the popular Warhol-like artist and video producer Marko Stout brings the art world’s leading cinematic event, the LIPS Film Festival to downtown New York City. The event is a weeklong celebration of the very best in art and experimental cinema. There will also be many of New York’s leading art galleries and multimedia artists in participation.

The various films in the festival program will exhibit the qualities that mark them as different from mainstream Hollywood films- they can include:, a sense of social realism, an emphasis on the authorial expressiveness of the director and a focus on the thoughts, dreams, or motivations of characters, as opposed to the unfolding of a clear, goal-driven story.artworksof2071stout (1)

“The Lovers of Independent Pictures and Shorts Festival” will highlight films which are intended to be a serious artistic work, often experimental and not designed for mass appeal, films that are made primarily for aesthetic reasons rather than commercial profit- they usually contain “unconventional or highly symbolic content.  

Famed Artist Marko Stout Producing the LIPS Film Festival:

The legendary New York artist Marko Stout is the main man behind this festival. Stout has been referred to as “the next Andy Warhol” by many in the media, including the Huffington Post, BrooWaha and New York Magazine.Stout’s won artistic films are best known for their social realism and with our mainstream goal driven plots- often focusing on the thoughts, dreams and motivations of his characters. Hopefully the will be exhibiting some of his own film work at the LIPS festival. Stout’s films are amazing a brilliant beyond belief… a true genius!

Festival Info and Tickets are Available Online:

The annual LIPS Film Festival (Lovers of Independent Pictures & Shorts) will take place October 4th through October 8th, 2017 at various location throughout New York City.Ticketing and scheduling details are posted on the festivals website: