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No Longer Just for Elderly Parents: The Many Other Uses of Granny Flats

It is easy to understand why granny flats are making a comeback in Australia. With the affordability struggles associated with renting or a new home purchase, granny flats provide an affordable living space while also helping others earn money in their own backyard. While these little dwellings are traditionally used to house ageing or elderly parents, they are now getting a revamp, offering more uses and benefits.

 In addition, recent state laws are now becoming more flexible when it comes to building granny flats. If you have an available space in your backyard, building secondary dwellings or transportable buildings can be a cost-effective solution, which can serve as any of the following:

Additional Rental Income

You can always rent out a granny flat to earn extra cash. You also have the option to downsize and move to a secondary dwelling yourself to rent out the house and earn more. A granny flat layout can always be customised so you can have the design you want. It can be built with different construction materials or equipped with multiple rooms you can find in a regular house.


A Place for Your Hobbies

If you are into woodwork, painting, sewing, or any other hobbies, a granny flat can provide an ideal space to organise your tools and equipment. You will no longer have to work in a garage or take up a substantial amount of space in the house for all your materials. You will have easy access to anything you need and carry out your work whenever you feel like it in a custom designed workspace.


Home Office/Workspace

Working from home provides many benefits, like saving on travel and food expenses. Keep in mind however, that setting up your workspace in the wrong way can cause plenty of domestic distractions. This is especially true if you work in the living room, bedroom, or dining area. If there is not enough space in the house, you can always build a granny flat to have a comfortable and convenient office space.


More Bedroom Space

You can always renovate your property to add more rooms for your teenage or adult children. This idea, however, can be costly and will require more work in the house. It is much better to build a granny flat, so you won’t have to tear down some walls or spend more. A granny flat can let you have extra bedrooms or living spaces for older kids or other relatives. The best part is, you can always rent the space out if they decide to move out.


Temporary Housing for Young Couples

Newly married couples can live in a granny flat temporarily. This is especially true if they don’t have enough finances to rent an apartment or buy a new house. Parents can build a granny flat in their backyard to provide a temporary dwelling for the young couple or rent it out to others and make extra money. The granny flat should be equipped with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living area to feel like a home.

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