#NextUp Rell Ca$h

Beer isn’t the only thing brewing up in Milwaukee, underground hip-hop artist Rell Ca$h is taking the streets by storm. Using witty wordplay to tell stories to listeners about what some people may deem as “real rap,” Rell Ca$h is on a mission to bring hip-hop back to its origin.

Google his name, and tons of results pop up, from music videos with thousands of views to Rell Ca$h giving back to the community, further proving the fact that he’s talented and humble at the same time. “It’s a challenge because I’m not the typical “Milwaukee” sound.” Having recently become a father, Rell Ca$h now has a new inspiration for why he does what he does.


You’re still on your grind, so not many know about you. Tell us who Rell Ca$h is and what he’s about? RELL CA$H is just a kid from a city where you’re born with all the odds stacked against you. Everybody has dreams and aspirations, I just have the hustle and ambition to make em come true. That part is sold separately.

What’s the Milwaukee Hip-Hop scene like? It’s different. It’s definitely filled with talent and diversity, but it lacks platforms and networks. Once the city comes together to push the same agenda unselfishly, Milwaukee can create its own space in the game for sure given the right tools.

At what point did you realize that rap is what you wanted to do? I was always into music as far back as I can remember, I started recording in high school but then it was just a hobby to keep me out of trouble. I started taking it serious around 2011/2012.

You had a successful start in your career, a lot of these artist put out mixtapes with unknown DJs, yet somehow you a put a whole tape out with Grand Hustle’s DJ, DJ MLK. How did that come about? Simply by hustling, networking and being assertive aside from the music; that’s the part that’s separate from the music. Remaining consistent with the music of course speaks volume and I knew that but that alone can only take you so far. It just so happened that it took me as far as Grand Hustle’s doorsteps and we knew people in the building that admired the music just as much as the hustle. So members of Grand Hustle’s staff put that play together for us, much love to them.

You’re getting a lot of attention on YouTube with your music videos, what does it mean to you? This means everything! It means people are watching and listening. As an artist that creates with passion and purpose that’s what you aim for, the people.

Rell Ca$h – Money Bag

You recently became a father, does that affect your music and how you look at things? Being a father is dope, definitely an incomparable feeling for sure. Musically, it hasn’t affected me yet, I mean I’ve mentioned my son in a couple bars but I haven’t even expressed how I feel about fatherhood through the music yet but it’s coming. I’m taking my fans on a journey with my material, once we finish up the chapters we’re working on now we’ll move forward; it’s still a lot that hasn’t been touched on yet.

What’s next for Rell Ca$h? We got a couple more visuals to drop before we release “TRVPCV$H 2”. The fans can expect that once we finish heating up the streets. Hitting the road for shows is most urgent though

Anything else you want to say for future fans and friends? To the fans I appreciate y’all rocking and supporting to the utmost! I got a lot in store for y’all just stay tuned and continue to spread the word about me. @RELLCASHMUSIC on IG & Twitter.

Visit Rell Ca$h’s SoundCloud page and listen to one of his singles on iTunes; “Get Em Off