Minimalism – A style

Sometimes, less is just more. A minimal style allows you to pull off a look that focuses more on you, the person, rather than the brand itself. It’s the difference between being a walking billboard –for a brand that didn’t pay you for advertisement– or wearing a fit that is focused on enhancing your features.

How to pull off an eye-catching minimalist look with only three simple concepts

It’s nearly impossible to NOT pull off an all black outfit. How could you not? Everything already matches.

You’ve heard of the little black dress before. The reason the little black dress is successful, besides it being well… little, is the fact the color schema is super simple and easy to put together on the fly.

Just as simple as all black is a dope casual set with the matching top and bottom. If you keep it simple, you never have to worry about clashing colors or overlapping patterns. Get the sizing right and it’s an easy win.

Concerned about looking plain in a simple color palette? Or worried about not standing out? This is where Accent Pieces come into play. Add supplementary jewelry or throw in a contrasting handbag and boom, an easy level up.

Complimentary fitting just makes everything sexy. Crop tops, leggings or fitted jeans will forever be in style. 

Honestly, nobody cares what exactly you’re wearing as long as you look great in it. Make this the focal point; zone in on clothes that compliment you. This doesn’t always mean fitted; you can wear a flowing skirt that highlights your hip to waist ratio or a v-line top that compliments your top half.