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Melissa McCarthy weight loss

Many has criticised the famous comedy actress Melissa McCarthy because of her body size calling her even ‘tractor sized’. The best thing about the ‘Ghostbusters’ star is that she has laughed off those criticism. She as always imparted messages of body positivity telling women to get comfortable in their own skin. She firmly believes that body size is not synonymous to self value or self worth. So when she lost a huge amount of weight people wondered whether she finally succumbed to the pressure to match up the standards of body size in Hollywood. Melissa who used to be a size 20 now is down to a size 14 after losing 75 pounds since 2013. She has said that she decided to start on losing weight only for living a better healthy life. She still does not care about the unrealistic body size standards of Hollywood. Looking fit and fabulous than ever she has revealed the Melissa McCarthy weight loss secret and it sounds easy to do.


Simply by making tiny changes to her lifestyle like going to bed early, eating high-protein and low-carbohydrate meals, exercising daily and taking the Garcinia Cambogia Select has given her wonderful results. According to her the first step towards of Melissa McCarthy weight loss journey was to stop worrying about weight. You cannot expect to lose weight if you keep worrying unnecessarily about it. She has also taken the help of her nutritionist, doctors and fitness experts to successfully come up with a weight loss strategy. Her nutritionist advised her to take the Garcinia Cambogia supplement in order to shed weight effectively. Using the extracts of Garcinia Cambogia (a sweet tropical fruit grown in the south-east Asia and some parts of Africa), Garcinia Cambogia Select contains Hydroxycitric Acid which boosts fat blasting metabolism, helps body to produce and block fat and curbs food cravings. It is also scientifically proved that when you take this supplement it raises the secretion of serotonin in your body. It is a happy chemical which is responsible for the elevation of your mood. So you won’t feel depressed and indulge in binge eating. Highly recommended by the eminent doctor Dr. Oz it is one of most effectual weight loss supplements that are there today. He dedicated an entire episode after this product. The question is how this product works. Basically it burns the fat mainly in the liver, stops the conversion of food into fat, controls the blood sugar level and reduces your appetite. Apart from burning fat it also blocks the body’s ability to make fat. It slows the release of sugar into the blood stream which is very helpful in losing weight. After watching the show a lot of people have made this an essential part of their weight loss regime. Additionally it has no harmful side effects however a small part of the users have reportedly experienced mild headache and nausea. Most of the people have not faced any kind of side effects. So if you are fighting with obesity order this product today.