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Looking to Purchase Food Packaging Papers for Your Store? These Tips Would Help

Are you looking for wholesale packaging supplies such as baking, greaseproof papers? Recent study says that 64% of shoppers will buy a product off the shelf even without knowing anything about it and not conducting any prior research at home. The reason behind it is because the packaging caught their eye!

Yes, packing plays a major role in selling the products too, so upgrading your packaging method and paper will be a better idea. It also helps you to preserve freshness of your products, thus ensuring safe handling from sandwiches to steaks. For that you need to know the popular types of packing in detail.

  1. Baking paper
  2. Greaseproof paper

The reason why these papers play a big role is they are used as butcher paper, freezer paper, sandwich paper, tissue paper, wax paper and more to preserve freshness.

Reasons to Buy Wholesale Baking and Greaseproof Paper

  • Baked goods won’t stick
  • Safe Packaging
  • Easy Way to Wrap

Baked Goods Won’t Stick

It’s a main reason why 95% of people use baking and greaseproof paper in their shop. By using baking paper, there’s no fuss with cooking sprays or use of additional butter.

Safe Packaging

Adding extra greaseproof or baking paper for packing helps to prevent fragile items from breaking. So whenever you are delivering products, make sure to pack it with an extra baking paper, which will increase the popularity of your product and your shop.

Easy Way to Wrap

Greaseproof or baking papers are used in the food packaging industries as:

  • It’s an easy way of packaging
  • It’s a quick way to complete the look

Materials Used To Manufacture Baking and Greaseproof Paper

  • Fiber crop
  • Paper chemicals
  • Papyrus
  • Wood pulp

Baking and Greaseproof paper are made from strong 40 gsm grease resistant paper. These papers offer great value for your money and are 100% compostable and recyclable! These papers are commonly used in the fast food industry, confectionary trade, bakeries, market stalls and food outlets.


 If you’re looking for wholesale packaging supplies, do more research and find the one who fit your needs. But before placing your order, note the sizes, colour and quantities, and if possible, ask for a sample.

Moreover, buying greaseproof or baking paper in bulk from wholesale packaging supplies in Australia saves you money and features a wide range of stylish and quality papers, for wrapping burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, and more!