Learn Quickly about Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality. That thing that you keep scrolling by that you need to pay attention to
Net Neutrality allows for people to have a free open internet, no matter where you are, what device you’re using, or how much money you have, we all have access to the same content and information.

Here’s a few points to know:
1. Keeps ISPs (Internet Service Provider) from controlling what people do online
In 2015 the FCC labeled broadband internet a title 2 which makes it a utility. Legislation could stop ISPs from throttling and creating paid fast lanes and any other control over broadband speeds. Also, from limiting access to certain sites with the subsequent action of charging more for broadband speeds if you go to a different site.
2. Wireless data has already formulated a blueprint for this
Comcast and others to follow, want to charge more for access to information in your home. Essentially, the government is trying to create a fast lane or an express lane for broadband access and tie it to a dollar amount. Which is flat out class discrimination.
This is also problematic because sometimes a household doesn’t necessarily want a particular ISP, but are basically forced into a situation where a particular ISP is their only option based on where they live and/or work. If one ISP decides to go along with this method, the market isn’t able to decide for the consumers to open up other options for ISPs… they’ll have to stick to what is available. ISPs are already far and few in America in comparison to other countries. This is a set up for an oligopoly among ISPs to rip people off just for basic access to information
This also allows for the government to control the content that you have access to, for example if it is something “Anti-American” or not within the interests of the welfare of America, they can block you from it.
This is controversial because as people are becoming more “woke” and all topics surrounding this can be silenced by the government.
This is a strong push forward to once again try to undo everything that was done during the Obama era just to do it, with no basis, no thought, and with malicious intentions to make the rich even richer and establish an even more undeniable recognizable face of greed for the American government.
Here’s how you help: Go to battleforthenet.com and demand from your Congressman to block the proposal.