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Learn from North Ryde Animal Hospital – Five Signs that Your Cat Has Illness

 Unlike puppies, cats can only visit their veterinarian less than once a year. Thus, it is not easy to determine whether your feline is fine or not. They might seem healthy as a bull but the fact is, she is not.

Your cats can be an apathetic creature though they don’t feel so well. It would be too difficult on your end to diagnose their illness as they are fully covered with fur. You can’t see or identify if their skin do have pallor.  Additionally, kitty can’t speak the language we have so they can’t complain every time it hurts.   Therefore, to lessen the burden you feel, here are signs from North Ryde Animal Hospital you need to watch out for:


There’s a change in their behavior

Normally, pet owners are affectionate and cats love that. However, when they start going too far from you and doesn’t want you to pet them, then this could be a sign that something weird happening in their body.  Sometimes, they will suddenly stop their usual grooming routine. When this happens, you should start investigating as grooming is an instinctive routine for cats.

Cats are performing new or more frequent routine.

Take note as soon as your cat starts performing new sets of things.  Most likely, you’ll find her drinking on the toilet or faucet, which you know she have never done it before.  It fairly implies that your cat is thirstier than before, which may possibly mean they’re suffering from a feline disorder like kidney problem or diabetes.

Your feline often scratches or rubs their ears.

 Oftentimes, this goes along with shaking off their head as if they were trying to get rid something from it. Definitely, it is a sign that there is a health issue behind. This could be an allergy or an ear infection. This could also indicate problem with your feline’s mouth.


Hypervocalization can be also a sign.

This can be a red flag especially when you cat is quite type or vice versa. There some kitty which are more vocal than other cat, however, any noticeable change on their noise level can be a good sign that they are not feeling well.

There’s a change in their appetite.

Most cats walk away and tend to be a finicky eater when they didn’t like their meal.  But, by any chance they hesitate to gobble up what they usually eat; you should pay more attention to your cat. Something else must be probably up within her system. It might be paralysis tick symptoms after removal.  Don’t also ignore instances when they become too ravenous.

What to keep in mind?

Always remember when you have more than one feline and they are all eating together, it is not easy for you to notice any change on their appetite. The thing here is that, if one of your cats can’t finish their meal, another cat will do the job for them. That is why it is so important to watch them closely so you can fully monitor their real behavior.