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Know about growth hormone IGF-1!

Human growth hormone is protein that is naturally secreted by the pituitary gland in the human body. It is used for wide purposes as it stimulates the growth and cell reproduction, increasing strength and reducing body fat.  Earlier, it was given to children to stimulate the growth and they respond by growing faster. The best part is that it is no side effects and this is the reason why it has become more popular way to spurt the growth. Well, in this piece of write up, we will ascertain you about the growth hormone/IGF-1 axis, which is secreted in the liver in response to the growth hormone (GH). Without further ado, let us quickly see what exactly growth hormone/IGF-1 axis is all about and what role it plays within the human body.

What is growth hormone/IGF-1 axis?

The insulin like growth factors  are proteins with affinity and similarity to insulin and these IGF are integral part of a complex system, which cell use in order to get  know about the physiologic environment. In addition, this complex and intricate system is referred to as IGF-1 axis. It is mainly secreted by the liver as a result of the stimulus of growth hormone.

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It plays a pivotal role both from physiological and pathological purpose as well and it is important to know chemistry of IFG axis and what role it plays within the body. It is seen IGF-1 axis increases the cell proliferation and it also inhibit the cell death which is also known as apoptosis. In addition IGF- 2 is said to vital growth factor that is required for early development but axis is 1 is required for the maximal growth.

Growth hormone/IGF-1 axis works together and this is the reason why it becomes important to know about it in the best manner possible. And now days it is widely used by body builders and athletes in order to get lean muscles. It becomes important on the part of the laymen to choose the right product that will help you to carry the process in healthier manner.

 If you are looking forward to have the toned abs and muscles then it becomes important to choose quality product that will certainly help you to get strength. So that you can easily push the limits and you can work harder. It has numerous health benefits and to acquaint you with the same here we narrow down some of the benefits of the same.

Benefits of 1 axis!

  • Fast recovery post exercise or after any sports activity
  • It enhances the muscle tissue growth
  • It accelerates the protein synthesis
  • It increase the lean muscles mass

With so many benefits it is indeed no less than a godsend as this will help you to choose the services as this will help you to have the perfect body. One can also see the reviews as this will help you to have information about the supplement so that you can easily buy the quality product.