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Just a New Hair Style and It’s a Makeover!

Imagine eating the same pizza day in and day out. Even if it is your favorite pizza, won’t you get bored? Surprisingly you have been sporting the very same look for few months now. Yes, there are different outfits, make up and even some playing around with the hair styles. But you can do so much better. You can get a makeover!

Makeovers are too expensive, you’d think. A complete wardrobe overhaul, new accessories, make up, styling, there’s so much to do, huh! Not really. Who said that’s the only way to get a makeover? You’ll be amazed what just a new hair style could do to your appearance.

Here are some things you could to achieve that million-dollar look:

1) Haircut: Nothing beats the lift that you get with a perfect new haircut.  It can make you look younger, vibrant and sexy! Step into a good hair salon in Albuquerque and ask the professionals to suggest what haircut would enhance your look. Get a dramatic change in your look with bangs. If you have thin hair, layers can loads of volume. You could ditch the long hair for a bob or pixie and surprise your folks. Straight, curls or waves, pick your look.

2) Hair color: Add a whole new dimension to that amazing haircut, pop in some color. Depending in the haircut and the look you want to sport, you can opt for single color or highlights. Browns and blonde shades remain an all-time favorite. You could go funky with vibrant colors.

3) Color blocking: Color blocking is a specialized hair coloring technique that you can get at a professional hair salon in Albuquerque NM. It involves coloring large sections of your hair in two or more shades. From subtle to bold, there are endless possibilities depending on the colors and intensity you choose.

4) Balayage: Despite being around for a while, Balayage has risen to significance the past few years. Unlike traditional coloring, no foil is uses. It involves a freehand technique from sweeping the color so as to give it a natural transition down to a lighter color. You can get the gorgeous sun-kissed look at a hair salon in Albuquerque New Mexico. The best part it is low maintenance too.

5) Ombre: The ombre style involves gradual blending of one color hue to the other moving from light to darker shades. It is very much like color blocking, just that there are no dark pieces at the bottom to keep it natural. While ombre can look extremely attractive, it involves intricate work and so it is advisable to get it done from a professional. It requires a great deal of maintenance but it’s definitely worth it. The look is perfect for someone who loves to flaunt dramatic locks.

Consult the experts and choose what works for you. Ask for tips on maintaining and enhancing the lovely styles. Step out with that gorgeous new hair style and see the heads turn!