It’s Time to Start Solo Traveling

It’s probably fair to say that most of us want to travel. But are you that person that hasn’t been to very many places because you’re always waiting on your friends or family to get their sh*t together?

Here’s the answer. Just go alone.

Here’s three places you can check out on your solo Trek.

1. Thailand –– one of the best first time solo travel destinations. Stunning beaches, cheap accommodation and a backpackers paradise. In Thailand you can pretty much cherry pick whatever kind of experience you want.


2. Australia –– by far the easiest destination for your first time traveling alone. A high standard of hotels, easy transport links and thousands of miles to explore. For a raw outback fix, Kakadu National Park is worth at least a few days. The East Coast offers sunny surfer towns, vibrant cities and the gem of Queensland, The Great Barrier Reef. You can hop on a day trip to scuba dive this breathtaking underwater world. The high standard of Aussie tuition on offer is perfect for the first time diver.

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3. New York City – In NYC you can be as anonymous as you like, and indulge in some fast paced people watching. This electric city just makes you feel alive. Of course you should head to the Top of The Rock, but don’t just stick to the midtown highlights, explore Downtown, Harlem and Brooklyn. Eating out solo in NYC is a breeze. For brunch, pull up a bar stool at Cafe Habana in SoHo, or for later in the day, everyone is welcome at the lobby at Ace, which is super stylish and super laid back.

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