Is Larry June part of Nerd Culture?

Romanticizing Nerd Culture

It’s the archetype you never knew you would be attracted to; nerd culture is the wave. With the increase of anime references in hip hop, the female video-gamers-coming-out-of-the-closet movement and newly found sapiosexuals we watch the trend for interacting with a smarter more intellectually stimulating person take off. Is nerdiness romanticized or are people finally seeing the light?

There are three elements of Nerd Culture: (1) a strong connection between “what stimulates me” and “my intellectual capacity” (2) a perspective that is unique and (3) the ability to give a few less f*cks.

Nerd; a single-minded expert in a particular field. It’s a noun that is often confused with geek.

While you define Geek as a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast. It’s also a noun. 

Nerd Culture meets Black Culture

As Nerd Culture made its way into black culture we watched emerging artists hinge to offset styles to stand out; think about Tyler the Creator, Donald Glover, Fefe Dobson, Noname, Kari Faux just to name a few who benefited from the shift. It’s much cooler today to stand out via perceived intellectual difference than to fit in and come off as normal.  

This sudden shift is, quite frankly, disingenuous. If another female artists comes out and announces she’s into anime we’ll have to throw the whole culture in the trash. Who announces they are into anime in the first place? Imagine being a fan of the beloved Japanese animation genre, which you might have been labeled lame for in the past, only to be gentrified by wannabes later.

What artists seem to be trying to convey is unique artistic ability that sets them apart from other artists; they’re attempting to brand a niche. Most of them just come off corny or as if they are trying too hard while others, whom probably actually don’t try to be different at all, embody uniqueness. For example, take Larry June. A smooth alternative rapper who doesn’t fit directly into any category but is definitely part of the hip hop community. Maybe you wouldn’t coin him as a nerd but you definitely can say he has his own flavor and doesn’t shy away sure from topics that don’t fit the status quo.

Not to say one can’t be a nerd instead were saying trying to be a nerd is probably the corniest thing we’ve seen come out of this era. You either are or you’re not and that one DBZ t-shirt you have is fooling no one.