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Is it possible to buy Anadrol in India? Click here to know more!

Different countries have different rules and regulations regarding the buying and selling of anabolic steroidal substances and dietary supplementation products for recreational purposes. Generally the government of any country will have strict regulations regarding the use of such hormonal regulatory products like Anadrol for anything other than medical purposes. How can you know then that which product is safe for legal usage in the country you are residing in and which is not? There are several online websites which will give you authentic information on the circulation of a particular anabolic steroid across the world, then you can search for your country and get to know whether it is legal for possessing or consuming or not. Likewise in India, anabolic steroidal medications like Anadrol are known by other common terms like “body boosters”.  But the problem is, the food department of many countries other than India has discouraged the use of such strong hormonal regulators for recreational purposes without the handful need of a prescription from your doctor, which will give legitimate information on why you need to administer the product for non-medical purposes like body building or weight loss.

What is the legal status of Anadrol in India?

The good news about Anadrol administration in India is that it is legal to buy and possess the drug.  The major plus point is that Indian government do not classify anabolic steroidal products as controlled substances like other Western countries. The food department of India mainly focuses on the use of narcotics and psychotropic substances as a part of strict drug policy. This means that you can easily purchase and exercise the supplement without even having a valid prescription from your doctor. You can get more relevant information on the same if you log on to and read the instructions given.

The regulation of steroidal substances is really relaxed in India. You will find many strength based body builders, athletes and weight lifters buy steroidal medications from big metropolitan cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Jaipur and Bangalore. This is because these places are mostly visited by tourists and thus have greater access to gyms and athletic communities. India has a history of tremendous body building and competitive culture and thus the access to steroidal products like Anadrol has been made so popular here.

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What are the different brand names for Anadrol marketed in India?

Since it is known that different dietary or hormonal regulatory medications have more than one commercially available name, similarly Anadrol also has other brand names by which it is known and regulated in India. You may find oral tablet or pill form of Anadrol in Indian market going by the trade names of Adrol-50, Anapolon and Androlic.

As Anadrol is developed by the British Dispensary company, it contains almost 50 mg of the generic drug Oxymetholone. To get further information, click on and read the rules and regulations of Anadrol circulation in India.