Imaginary Beef to Boost Sales?

Nicki Minaj is releasing new music this week: Barbie Tingz, Chun Li and Hear No Evil featuring Young Thug. With these new releases people are speculating if she’s releasing to combat Cardi’s “Invasion of Privacy” album.


Why is Cardi B vs Nicki Minaj even a thing? Imagine how trivial it would be if every time a new male artist came out he was compared to Drake? Drake vs MoneyBagg Yo. Or how about Drake vs. Yachty? Doesn’t seem to make logical sense.

With every successful accolade from Cardi rest assure somebody’s blog or platform will look directly at Minaj for a comparison. Headlines such as: “Cardi dethrone Nicki” or “Nicki is releasing new music one week after Cardi, she’s coming for revenge” pop up to continue this narrative.

At a more detailed glance, it seems the public cares more about this imaginary beef than the two musicians as they have made no official remarks about each other and have been featured on a song together.


Not sure if people are completely glazing over the fact that Nicki and Cardi are both music artists and releasing music is kind of what is in the job description. Contrary to popular belief, there is room for more than one mainstream female rap artist at a time. But, music labels and even other artists continue to fuel this woman against woman battle.

Critical thinking questions: Is this beef fabricated to boost sales? Why must women unite and support each other on every front except for Hip Hop?

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