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How to write winning proposals on contentmart.

Contentmart is a fast growing online job board with hundreds of jobs every day. It is one of the places where freelancers seek job opportunities – it has lots of work. So how do you make sure you get jobs on contentmart. It is simple. Just write a proposal. But the question is how?

The answer to our question above is to write a winning proposal and here is how

Understand what the client needs

Whenever you take your computer to write a proposal to a client on contentmart, ensure you have understood what the client requires and if possible make suggestions on your proposal on how you can do that better. You can also take that opportunity to tell the client why you are the right person for the job.

Apply for your niche

One thing that you should avoid doing on contentmart is applying for jobs that do not match your niche. Many clients go through your portfolio before hiring you. So if you apply for jobs that do not match your niche then it’s only fair to say you are wasting time. Besides, that may lead to you submitting poor quality which may make client flee away from you.

Communicate clearly

Communication is critical. Respond promptly to every question and give clear answers.

To communicate clearly fast, understand what the client needs to be done before you respond. Clear communication also involves using simple language that anyone can understand. Some clients are not native speakers therefore in your proposal avoid complex language.

Avoid minor errors

Whenever you are writing a proposal, you are writing to impress and convince the client that you are the best. If your proposal contains errors, you have already lost the game. The first impression matters.

Make your proposal is error free. Before you hit that send button on contentmart proof read your proposal to make sure there are no errors.

Be precise and to the point

In making your application, be clear brief and direct to the point. Clients sometimes receive hundreds of proposals which they cannot go through. They don’t have the time and that is part of the reason why they have posted their jobs online. The shorter your proposal is the better. Writing long proposals can give you away. The probability of making minor mistakes increases as the length of your proposal increases.

Finally remember that your work history is also very important. It determines whether you get hired next time. So every job you do make sure you do your best. It is part of your longtime CV that we argue in your favor the next time you apply for a job. With these tips you are sure to get clients fast.

Happy bidding on contentmart.