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How To Start A Blog -The Perspective of an Expert

Blogging can be a wonderful venture. But, it can also be a very daunting and oftentimes confusing journey to begin. Thankfully, I have put together five basic steps to starting a professional blog all by yourself! Here’s how to start a blog:

Step One: Determine Your Vision

According to Kevin Ocasio , when starting a blog, it is essential that you have a vision for your blogs content. The vision of your blog should be something you feel very passionate about, otherwise, you will get tired of investing in your blog real quick. Think long and hard about what you feel strongly about. What do you love?

Are you really into food and cooking? Are you nerdy and obsessed with video games, computers and technology? Or maybe you love everything fashion, makeup and beauty? Figure out what you could talk endlessly about and make that the vision from which you will draw your content for your blog.

Step Two: Choose a Host.

There are so many blogging site hosts, it’s insane. However, the most widely used is WordPress so you might want to start a WordPress blog and begin reaping the benefits. It’s very easy to use. WordPress also has amazing templates that range from free to a couple hundred dollars. Buying a domain is relatively cheap, too.

As for whether you should buy a domain or not, it is truly up to you. The advantage of buying a domain for your blog, according to, is that it makes your blogging look more professional and it’s usually easier to find online. If you really want to create a successful blog, I highly suggest buying a domain. Think hard about what you will name your blog. The name for your blog must correlate with your content.

Step Three: Design and Layout

The design and layout of your blog is very important. They way your blog is formatted says a lot about you as a blogger and your professionalism, as well as the authenticity of your blog content. For this step, you can decide to hire a graphic designer if you really want something original. Every successful blog should have a logo.

You can create a free logo using Canva, or you can hire a graphic designer to do the work for you. There are plenty of blog sites that make it very easy for you to put together your own blog that looks very personalized and efficient.

Step Four: Create a Schedule

In order for your blog to be as successful as possible, it is important that you create a schedule for your content. I would suggest that in the initial stages of your blog, creating a post a week. As your blog grows in popularity, you may choose to increase the amount of posts you create.

I highly suggest planning your posts at least a month in advance. It makes things much easier on you and it helps you not run into a last minute rut when coming up with content. Creating a segment for your blog is a great way to generate regular content. For example, if your blog is centered around baking, maybe you could pick a day of the week to post a new recipe and call it “recipe of the week”. Be creative!

Step Five: Use Social Media

Social media is so important when blogging. I highly suggest taking advantage of social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to help get your blog the publicity it needs to be successful.

By following the above tips and strategies, you can be sure to create a blog that will always leave a lasting mark on all those who visit it.