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How to Plan an Office Christmas Party

Planning on throwing an office Christmas party to celebrate the start of the holiday season? Here are several tips that might help:3

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Choose a Venue with Easy Access

If the office is too small to fit everyone, pick a venue that’s close by. Make sure the place is easy to find and access by car or public transport. Do keep the traffic in mind. It’s best to choose a venue that’s located in an area that goes against the traffic. Make sure that the guests don’t get frustrated trying to find the place. Send “hot to get there” instructions to all guests who RSVP as attending.

Buy Christmas Gifts for Everyone

It’s Christmas so you might want to give all the attendees a small gift. Buy Christmas packaging in bulk to gift wrap for convenience. You don’t have to spend too much money buying Christmas gifts. Items like stationary with the office logo, sample products and even things like paper weights will do. The thought is what really matters. If customers or important business partners are coming, you may want to give them special gifts to show your appreciation.

Keep Decorations to a Minimum

Do not overdecorate. At night, no one really notices. Use lights instead of other types of decorations. What matters more than the decorations is the spirit of the party. Keep it up by playing music and engaging with everyone in conversation. Make sure you don’t include decorations that are easy to trip over.

Allow Plenty of Space to Move

Keep the venue space open so people can move about. People will, especially because it’s the end of the year party. Expect loud music, dancing and a little bit of rowdiness. Don’t expect your party to be a carol singing affair. Keep chairs away from the centre, so people can move about at the centre, mingle and then retreat to the seats on the side.

Order Catering from a Local Outlet

Catering is an important aspect of throwing a Christmas party. Depending on the number of people attending, you might want to consider hiring a professional caterer. Choose one of the local businesses, as the rates will be cheaper. Pick a varied many that caters to vegan and allergy sensitive tastes as well. Don’t plan on serving a huge dinner. Order finger food that will keep the guests from starving. Make sure the caterer you choose is reputable. Read reviews and ask around before hiring.

Send Out Invitations via Facebook or Email

Choose one platform to send invitation, either via email, Facebook Events or something like Eventbrite. Don’t use multiple platforms to invite people because you will have a hard time keeping track of the RSVPs. Choose a platform that all your guests are familiar with, like Facebook. Expect everyone who RSVP yes to attend, even if some won’t.

Don’t Overspend

Even though it’s the office Christmas party, there’s no need to overspend. You can throw a good party with the minimum amount of money as needed. There’s little financial sense in overspending for a Christmas party.

Follow the above tips to organise your office’s Christmas party.