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How to Pack Dresses

If you going travelling and taking formal clothes with you, take time to plan your packing with these timely tips.

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The History of Packing

Suitcases have been around for 125 years. For a brief history of this useful portable item, take a look at: There are so many more packing options nowadays. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Bags and Hangers

– Consider using velvet non-slip hangers.
– If you are packing a wedding or formal dress, use acid-free tissue paper and stuff it inside your dress.
– Dry-cleaning bags are a useful accessory. They can be placed inside garment bags and are suitable for multiple items.
– Garment bags can be hung in the car or stowed on the plane.

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Hand Luggage

– If you want to use this method, you should pack dresses in individual dry-cleaning bags. You will need to fold your clothes for this method of packing. To avoid spoiling your favourite purple maxi dress, make sure that you follow the lines of the natural shape. For instance, a dress with a defined waist should be folded horizontally; a plunging neckline dress needs to be folded vertically.
– Your purple maxi dress may need an extra fold if it is long. This fold should be horizontal.
– If other items are going into your hand luggage, such as books and shoes, they should be put in first.
– By now you may be thinking that you would like to treat yourself to a new dress, so take a look at an AX Paris purple maxi dress for some inspiration.


– This is a good option if you have a lot to carry on the plane and your luggage needs to go into the hold. In addition, if you are travelling by car with many stop-off points, formal dresses in your suitcase will be disturbed less than in your hand luggage.
– You should still use individual dry-cleaning bags. Your casual clothes will take up less space if they are rolled up and placed at the bottom of the case. Cocktail and formal dresses should be folded as in the guidelines for packing dresses in your hand luggage.
– When you have finished your layers of packing, put everything into one large dry-cleaning bag. Straps in your case can then be secured round the whole pile of clothes.