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How to make your ID cards Harder to Forge

Identity cards are one of the most important parts of our daily life. Everyone is aware of using Identity cards both for official and personal use. When you move into an organization or attend some events or parties, you can be easily identified by everyone through your ID cards or lanyards.  Within few years ID cards and lanyards have become more popular in every individual’s life. ID cards are mainly used for Identification purpose which makes everyone comfortable in finding that particular person.

Why is it mandatory to forge the ID cards?

In case if you lose or miss your Identity cards somewhere unknowingly, it will be tough for you to get a new card. Ii will definitely take few days to get the new original card.  At that time, there are many chances for others to use your cards illegally for their own purposes. For this reason, each and every organization use different aspects and implements new technologies in their Identity cards. UK best lanyards are one of the best examples of these types of secured identity cards and lanyards.

False Identity cards:

There are lots of chances to use false Identity cards. Some of the predictable methods are as follows. Some may directly change your photo and keep their photo and do malfunctions in your Identity cards, some may even borrow ID card from you and use them for various reasons, or even some of them may use your own Identity cards. All these illegally aspects will definitely cause an impact for the original ID card owner. Even though strict rules and regulations have come in our daily life, some people who do all forgery things. So to avoid all those forgeries and fake documents it is mandatory to keep all your documents and other essential elements safely and securely. While considering these aspects, UK best lanyards and ID cards play a super cool role and act as a better pathway where the most protective aspects protect each and every single individual card.

Some important things to be taken care while designing an ID card:

While designing an Identity card, it is mandatory to take care of some important and essential aspects which may sometime even help you all at each and every situation. Accessible cards are always fitted with the photo of the cardholder for basic Identification purposes. Also, there will be some other details like Name of the organization, Blood Group, Details for Contact and so on. To protect your cards from criminals, it is essential to add some of the following aspects in your cards.

Implementing UV prints:

You can make your cards with the help of UV prints where all the text, symbols and pictures are only visible in UV lights. There are many more examples where you can print the photo of your employee on the corner and organization’s logotype at the back of the ID card.


HoloKote is one of the best techniques which secures the whole Identity card by providing some watermark graphics on it. This mainly safeguards the card of all illegal users.

Micro Texts:

Micro Texts is the best technology where all the lines and patterns present in your ID card are actually made up of micro texts in which you can view them only through some magnifying or some special equipment.


This innovative technology supports the owner of the card where it is so difficult to make a hard-to-copy card where the pattern is already printed on the cards.


There are many possibilities for creating a logotype holographic to prevent the brand from counterfeiting. Also, there are varieties of types and sizes are available which helps and supports the card owner with all types of security needs.

By different and during various situations you may miss your Identity card without notice. Each and every time when you wear your card you have to check them regularly which is the best self-method which helps you all in a beneficial way.  UK best lanyards support their users by all simple and new innovative technologies which totally helps their customers in a magnificent way. With all the above methods you can protect your cards from all illegal activities.