How To Keep Your Beauty Brand Alive During 2020

Planning your survival in a time of crises is essential for sustaining both a healthy lifestyle and your personal business. How did Shayde Beauty continue to thrive with the challenge of solely being able to reach customers virtually?

Running a small business means facing and surviving challenges that can make or break the business. So, how does one identify the path of success when said challenge comes up? You acknowledge it and then you innovate. 

Not only did Vegan beauty line, Shayde Beauty, need to grow as a virtual brand but they leveraged their commitment to creating skincare for higher melanin concentrated skin types to steward them through the transition of a virtual customer. The reason for a deeper focus? People of color tend to obtain genetics that can contribute to uneven skin tone.

Staying True to Your Branding

How did Shayde Beauty keep their environmental footprint low while keeping their overhead from going in the red? By staying true to the brand’s core value of using eco-friendly packaging such as glass containers, Shayde was able to provide their customers with lasting skin care products. Glass containers are more than just a sustainable 100% infinitely recyclable, reusable and refillable ;it’s sustainable, it’s safe to store vegan materials in, it’s beautiful, consumers love it.  

“We do our part by using eco-friendly packaging and specially curated formulas to ensure our environmental footprint is low. All of our formulas are always vegan & cruelty free. With our product relaunch  we plan to partner with the 1% For The Planet organization in early 2021.”

Continuing to Support Your Customers

One major reality for a newly virtual business is the need to support your customers with the same rigor but in a new way. This could mean very different things for your business; for example how you provide solutions to skincare that are affordable or even being able to sample products before making purchases. For Shayde Beauty, there was a focus on ensuring that they stay true to their mission of representation. 

“For everyone who lacked representation in the world. We promise to celebrate people that come from all walks of life in everything we do. We believe skin health is essential to long-term wellness.” 

Standing out Amongst other Brands

It’s important to recognize that in a purely virtual space, it can be challenging to stand out amongst other brands. One way to overcome this is to lean more into your mission. Remember the reasons behind why you do what you do in the first place and allow that to fuel you in this new virtual only space. Shayde’s Mission:

“More than just skin.

We see your skin health as a form of expression, it’s not about having perfect skin. It’s about feeling your best and having your skin reflect how you feel on the inside. For us beauty will always start from within.” 

Your business and your lifestyle deserves your attention to detail. Lean in on these tips to continue to grow both and to persevere through it all. 

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