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How to Install the Tor Browser & Stay Anonymous? 

A number of web browsers available on the internet such as Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge offer users with features such as private browsing mode. But these modes do not keep your identity hidden online or make you anonymous on the internet. Tor browser helps you to remain anonymous on the internet. It protects your identity by routing your internet traffic through a number of remote servers. Also, Tor browser helps you in accessing the deep web or dark web links, which is not possible using the normal web browsers available for your devices.

What is Tor Browser?

The main purpose for which the Tor browser was initially built was to provide the people with a way to access the web without having to reveal their identity or location online. Initially a group of anonymous volunteers came together and created the Tor Network so as to do the same. These volunteers would host a number of remote servers across the globe to establish the Tor network and route all the traffic for the users on the network through these servers.

After a while, the US Government started taking an interest in the Tor project and now extensively fund the project to keep the network alive and running.

How to download and install the Tor Browser?

One of the best things about the Tor Browser is that you do not need to physically install the Browser on your device to use its full capabilities. Instead you can just download and run the browser via the command line. You can follow these steps to download and run the tor browser and safely connect to the Tor Network for web browsing anonymously.

Downloading the Tor Browser

You can easily find multiple download links for the tor browser on the internet. This browser is available as a free download. However, to be extremely safe and free from malware and viruses, it is recommended that you download the tor browser from their official website

Selecting the bundle

After visiting their website, you will need to download the appropriate Tor Browser bundle depending upon your Operating System and device configuration.

Launching the Tor Browser

Since you don’t have to physically install the Tor browser on your device to run it, you can launch the Browser from the downloaded files itself.  For Windows users, you can launch the browser either from the command prompt or from the desktop shortcut from the download files. For Mac users, double-click on the downloaded file, open the .dmg file and drag it to the Applications folder to launch the browser.

Connecting to the Tor Network

The Tor browser will now automatically try to connect your device to the Tor Network using the pre-defined settings. You can choose to continue with these settings or change them accordingly to your device or requirements as well. Once a successful connection is established, the actual Tor Browser will open and you will be able to surf the web anonymously.

The Last Words

Follow the above mentioned guide to install Tor Browser and browse the web anonymously keeping your identity safe. You can even access the deep web safely while using the Tor Browser.