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How to create a deepfake photo using a neural network?

Deepfake is a technology for creating convincing-looking deceptive video or audio. Today, it is done with the help of artificial intelligence and neural networks. Let`s consider the steps of AI nudes generator evolution and the functionality of the Nudify app as one of the leading services in the IT market. 

The history of creating the AI nudes generator

An anonymous programmer from Estonia with the nickname Alberto admitted that he was inspired to create DeepNude by the idea of “X-ray glasses” that he picked up in childhood, capable of exposing anyone who comes into view. In an interview with one of the online publications, the programmer said that while realizing his teenage dream, he was just having fun. The neural network was designed for a broad audience. The interface was intuitive. You only had to press one button to upload the photo. Photos were accepted in any resolution. Implementing the Nudify AI nudes generator was the next step. 

Nudity app for realistic deepfake photos

The peculiarity of this service is that it allows you to create a deep nude photo online without installing various applications and programs. As soon as the image is loaded, the neural network analyzes it and “removes” the clothes, substituting the most likely visual based on the build of the person depicted in the photo. To achieve maximum naturalness, the character should wear a minimum of clothing. The neural network is best at “undressing” girls in swimsuits.

After processing the photo, the user receives a nude, but the picture has a large watermark, and in the upper corner, there is the signature FAKE. In paid versions, it was possible to get photos without markings. Images of 10 thousand models were used to train the neural network.