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How to check the capability and mental attitude of an employee?

It is a difficult task to hire the right person that deserves a position in an organization despite there are lots of candidates for the same. It is known as the true job of HR where they need to finalize a candidate for a concerned role after thorough tests and verifications. There are endless vacancies in the market but when the desired quality candidate avails than only they can be filled till the HR has to keep on hunting the right candidates. However, for Human resource team also it is not that easy as they have to work on lots of profiles at a time and hence they do not get much time to scrutinize each candidate thoroughly. To find the right candidate they take help of some other tools also which are known as tests. They are designed by the experts in the market. The psychometric test is also one of these tests only that can help the HR professionals.

A psychometric test is a method of evaluating the mental capabilities and behavioral way of an individual. It is a way of assessing an employee’s capabilities which are hidden and does not reflect while talking face-to-face. Through this method, the intelligence, skills, and personality of a candidate can be evaluated. So, these are the three main areas where this test explores a candidate. It is a kind of test which will make the company know that is the applicant applying for the job in the company is compatible and fit for the position or not.

Even a candidate can know that whether he can handle the stress of work or is able to cope up with the workplace environment and what qualities does he lack. This test can be given through online mode as today people rely on the internet for everything and also it is an easy and comfortable way. Since the early 20th century, these psychometric tests were used for the cause of educational psychology. Alfred Binet was the person who invented the term ‘intelligence test.’ Since then it has become an ordinary feature in selecting the candidates for the job by the organizations.

When are these Psychometric Tests used?

There can be three stages where this test can be used:

  • The first stage is when a candidate submits his application form applying for a job.
  • The second stage where it can be used is in addition to the interview round.
  • And the third and final stage is before or after your actual interview.

There can be many different types of Psychometric tests which a candidate needs to give while applying for a job in any organization. And the test depends on the type of job you are going for.

Different types of Psychometric Tests

  1. Aptitude Tests: The following categories can be found in an aptitude test.
  2. Verbal reasoning test – It is a category in which an organization assesses a candidate’s verbal logic which means that how quick a candidate can obtain the right meaning of the complex information. Communication skills are a must for performing technical roles because it comprises both written and spoken language. Basically, you need to select the most appropriate option amongst the provided ones like true, false or cannot say.
  3. Logical reasoning tests – This category aims at interpreting the ability and skills of pattern shape and relation with each other. This is also known by another term called critical reasoning tests.
  4. Numerical reasoning test – In this category, the combination of statistical data and written information presented in reports or graphs are interpreted. This test asks you to answer the questions based on facts and figures, and one right option is to be chosen out of all given options.

There can be many more categories in aptitude tests, but this test depends on the type of job you are opting for. And these tests contain multiple choice questions, and you need to complete all the questions in the specific provided time.

  1. Skills Tests: This test enables an employee to evaluate the new skill learning which means how quick one can learn a new skill for the job. It may include how to design a web page or to deal with the financial Online psychometric test removes the system of paper- based-test.

How to prepare for the test?

Practice aptitude test questions which are multiple choice based questions. Solve the puzzles which will enhance your mental ability. Just think you are giving an interview while solving aptitude test. Take minimum time in solving questions as in actual test you have to complete all the questions within the provided time limit. So, make sure that you are quick in answering the questions. The main point is if the test conducts of negative marking do not choose any option about which you are not sure as this can snatch the opportunity of getting a job from your hand.


  • The results are accurate and appropriate as compared to other methods.
  • This is relatively cheap, and hence it benefits the companies which are in the long run.
  • It can save cost in comparison to the cost which companies use to work or suffer due to loss.
  • The method is completely impartial as if the candidate gives the correct answer to the question, only then he is selected. This method is a fair one which gives the opportunity to the right candidate.
  • This method of test helps the organization in choosing the right person who possesses abilities of intelligence, skills, and personality and is able to handle the pressure of work.
  • An employer can better understand the candidate through this test and also is performance is well clarified and is the candidate perfect to fit in the organization or not.

There can be lot more advantages of a psychometric test, and this is one of the best methods for checking the suitability for a particular job a candidate is applying. And above you have read how to prepare for this test and what kind of test is included in this method.