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How Alcohol Affects The Body When You Are On Steroids

When alcohol is mixed with any drug, it shows adverse side effects on the body. The same goes with steroids as well. Alcohol and steroids are a lethal combination for the body. The testosterone+ is effective in increasing the bulk muscles as well as increasing the libido in males. You can increase the number of reps in workouts for muscle building by taking the steroid supplements. They increase stamina and help the body recover speedily after a rigorous workout.


When is this steroid prescribed?

There are many over the counter drugs for increasing testosterone levels in males. But, these special steroids are prescribed for males who have low levels of the production of androgens and other such hormones. Having low levels of male hormone impacts various aspects of health and functionality of the body. The other available option for testosterone is the AndroGel, which is actually a type of topical gel. Drinking alcohol while using testosterone gels can have an adverse impact on the health of the user.

 Ways to enhance testosterone levels

  • Apart from steroids, creams, gels, and lotions are available that increase the male hormone
  • Do not consume alcohol along with these drugs, at the same time
  • Alcohol interferes with the effectiveness of the drug
  • It does not let the body receive the effective dosage of the drug
  • Drugs cannot be metabolized when they are consumed along with alcohol


Reasons for not mixing drugs and alcohol

There are many known effects of alcohol, especially when they are consumed along with drugs. Alcohol adversely effects the reproduction of hormones in the body. When alcohol mixes with the dosage of steroids in the bloodstream, it causes physical, mental, and emotional problems. It can also lead to many health ailments like, ulcers, irregular heartbeat, chest pain, hallucinations, feeling dizzy, and uneven distribution of fat in the body.

Hormones contain components that affect the body

Hormones are made of powerful elements that impact the body chemistry. Any chemical reaction in the blood stream immediately affects the body. This negative impact can also be transferred to other hormonal glands altering the functionality of the entire body.


Steroids provide energy, help build muscles, and provide support for sexual health. Many drugs that increase the male hormone also caution against the effect of herbal and vitamin supplements apart from the effects of alcohol. Even with minimum dosage of the drug, you are not to consume alcohol.