Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Have you checked this paradise?

Gone are the days when holidays were confined to visiting grandparentshome. Thesedays’ people love to travel to different places as the technology has provided with easy connectivity in a blink of an eye. Kids love to visit the place where they can click ample pictures to share on their Instaposts and Facebook account. For an eye catching shot the background plays an important role. It can add life to lifeless paper. For a mesmerizing shot, resorts in and around Bangalore, is the answer.

The named place is no less than a paradise where tired soles come to relax and feel rejuvenated. The pleasant weather and cool breeze that surrounds the area is something not less than a paradise. And what could be the best time to realize this fact. Its summers and holiday season, gives reason to plan a visit to this mini paradise.

The boarding and lodging facilities at the best resorts in Kabini are made possible in tents and cottages. For complete forest feels stay in these tent and enjoy the thrill of doing something adventurous. To further add on to your excitement there are adventure games like Parasailing, Paragliding, Rappelling and Zorbing. Cave exploration and trekking for 3-7 kilometers is also available, if you wish to try your hands on it.

As all these activities are performed with the supervision of an expert you are left with total enjoyment only. There are different packages available where you can choose different activities and give a kick start to the challenging professional front.

Like a paradise of your dreams, the resort is blessed with wonderful flora and fauna. Some of the rare species, visit the place during different seasons and presents a mesmerizing view. If bird watching is your favorite activity then this is the place for you. Many researchers and scholars visit the place to grab exclusive information on 4 legged animals: tiger. The Madhumalai wildlife sanctuary that resides near resorts in Kanakpura has information in abundance. This is the reason that it’s often called as shooters paradise.

Given credit to the blooming season, beautiful flowers grow around. They say nature motivates then the feeling is best felt at this named place. At the resort you get a 360 degree view to the surrounding area. The snow clad mountains and mist laden hills are a common sight. Capture the rising sun at dawn and soak in the tranquility of area with every breath you take in. Walk on green grass and play hide and seek with clouds.

This paradise has healthy food for all its visitors. The food that is organically grown is served throughout the day. Let your taste buds try its variety of options available in different meals and snacks. The resort will help you grab all goodies of happy life in terms of tasty food, fresh air and not-to-mention enjoyable games.