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For a love that is precious & priceless -Say it with Solitaire

Say it in style, say it with all the love and say it with Solitaire…

Showing our unrelenting love to someone has never been easy, picking something which is rare, priceless and precious depicting our love in every bit is a tough decision to make. Nothing but a Solitaire matches to this. With the advent of online gold shopping you can now add an element of surprise to your gift. Also with online shopping, you can now shrink the world by the click of a mouse and get the finest quality diamonds from anywhere in the world to your doorstep. Identifying a reputable Jeweller is no big task nowadays. All we have to do is to know from where to choose and what to choose.

Why gift a Solitaire?

Longevity, versatility and individual are some of the attributes one associates with a solitaire ring; dug from the deep pockets of earth, diamond’s rarity makes it precious by price and by possession. Since centuries it remained as a gem of gems and no stone till date could beat its grace and charm.  Hence it is regarded as the best gift for engagements, weddings, milestone anniversaries and for expressing of our warmth and affection. Solitaires bring with them a sense of royalty and undisputable charm which is tough to ignore.

Subtle statement maker

 Solitaires come in different settings- cuts, colour and clarity. Cuts include round, Asscher, cushion, Emerald, radiant, heart, marquise, Oval, Pear, Princess. The popular cuts out of all are the round, princess and the marquise cut. Looming popularity of these cuts makes them the most sort after. One magical secret behind marquise cut is that whatever may be the size of the diamond, a marquise cut and pear cut diamond stands out as they look naturally big because of their shape. Now you may want to try buying them next time to simply boost your love.

Mounting your Solitaire


Most of the times one can find wide varieties of antique diamond pendant online. In cases where you want to customize them, we can choose to get a solitaire of our configuration in terms of cut, clarity and colour and then get it mounted by a local Jeweller. If you are buying the solitaire alone from a Jeweller and getting it mounted from another Jeweller, it is advised to visit a reputed and trusted source; also it is important to understand the certification that the Jeweller is offering for the solitaire. GIA, AGS, IGI, EGL are few authentic diamond certifications available and offered by most Jewellers.

Metal type


Traditionally solitaires are set in an 18k gold ring to bring more strength to the mounting and to hold the diamond tight in the mount. But we have an option to choose the type of metal you want your diamond to be embedded in i.e. white, rose or yellow gold. All the three colours are subtle in their own way but at the end it entirely depends on the style and taste of the person adorning the beautiful piece. Example, working women would prefer wearing a rose and white gold ring or ornaments than yellow gold as they are more gentle and lighter toned, also they would go well with formal wear.