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Five tips for fabulous wood floors

Beautifully finished floorboards give any home a timeless elegance. The good news is that if you don’t have period flooring in your home, it’s easy to get the effect. Here’s how.


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Repair and sand

If you’re lucky enough to have original boards in your property, repairing them before sanding is the quick and easy route to reclaiming and creating a fabulous wood floor. However, it can be tricky to achieve a smooth and professional finish, so it may be worth considering having the work done by a specialist.

Replace and recycle

If your newly exposed floorboards are a patchwork of period wood and newer repairs and you want to create a uniform period look, source reclaimed or recycled floorboards. This allows you to create an authentic effect, but bear in mind that unusual widths or woods can be difficult to match.

Click and renew

Are your old floorboards beyond repair? If so, you’ll need to float a different floor over the top. Laminates are much better than they used to be. For a hardwearing floor that’s as easy to maintain as laminate with the good looks of wood, try a luxury vinyl tile with a wood-effect finish.


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Engineered for good looks

However, the best alternative to solid wood flooring is engineered wood flooring.These come in a huge range of finishes and widths that you can browse online at sites like to find the ideal look for your decor.

Engineered wood has a huge advantage over laminates or luxury vinyl in the sense that it can be refinished to help it keep its good looks once scuffed or scratched. This has to do with the way that engineered wood is manufactured, with a top layer of real hardwood that can be resanded a number of times depending on thickness. Engineered wood is also an excellent choice for kitchens and bathrooms because it won’t warp or shrink and expand in a humid environment.

Paint it black

You can paint it black, white, checkerboard or even use a floor stencil. A glossy black floor or a limed white one can look extremely stylish, and it is simple to do whilst giving a uniform look to newly sanded boards. If you are already satisfied with their colour, simply lacquer or oil them depending on whether you prefer a matte or shiny finish.