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Find The Perfect Background For Your Website

Images are a huge part of every website. We have covered how you can protect your images from getting stolen by others if you want to do that, but today we will talk actually picking the right images, for the background of your website. This goes for the WordPress themes that have full background support.

The best and simplest way to find beautiful background images for your website is to look for them online. But, you have to remember that a lot of images are copyrighted, so you don’t want to be breaking no copyright laws. A good way to prevent that is to just look at websites that offer tons of free background images. We will show you some of them.

1. Freeimages

Freeimages is a website that, well, offers free images. You don’t have to worry about any copyright rules or anything, and all the images you find on this website are free to be used on your background. Lots of nice images to use, so you won’t sweat a lot trying to find the perfect one to use for your WordPress website.

2. StockPhotosFree
Another website that offers free images. It has a large collection of different images that are listed into categories, which makes it easier for you to find the images you were looking for. There are a lot of benefits to this website, and it’s highly professional, so you have premium features and everything. Worth checking out, and if you have a few bucks to spend, you can really make good use of it.

3. Subtle Patterns

This website doesn’t exactly offer you images, but if you are looking for gorgeous background patterns for your website, it is the right place to look at. It’s a really cool website that has tons of options, which makes it simple for you to find the perfect background for your website. You can also submit your own patterns that you made to the website, and share it with other people, which is a really neat feature. You can find the works of other users, which can sometimes be really beautiful.

4. Public Domain Archive

Another website with tons of free to use pictures for your website. All the images on here and part of the public domain, meaning that you can use them for whatever you want.Pretty neat, huh?

5. Unsplash

High quality photos, and by the thousands. Pretty much free to do anything you want with the pictures, but we’re guessing you’re going to use them as the background for your WordPress website.

The perfect background for your website is just a few clicks away. Browse these websites, look around a bit, and once you spot the perfect background, you will know. And even if you change your mind later, it’s no big deal; you can always change the background of your website. But, you should think about finding the perfect one, and switching backgrounds as little as possible, to keep a consistent look of your website.