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Find job vacancies in Birmingham on Jobtome

If you are presently looking for a job in Birmingham, then this is the complete guide to finding job vacancies in Birmingham. It includes information and advice on what jobs are available in Birmingham, tips you should follow when looking for jobs in Birmingham as well as where you can find job opportunities in Birmingham.

About 326,000 more workers who were born overseas, gained employment in the UK last year. Many came from Eastern European countries like Hungary, Lithuania, and Poland.

This indicates that you do not necessarily need to come from Birmingham to secure a job there. If you want to apply for vacancies in Birmingham, then you need to be able to speak English fluently and having a second language other than English will give you an edge. You can decide to search for a job without a work permit, but you would only get part-time jobs with low pay.Image result for Job Vacancies in Birmingham: All You Need To Know

Job opportunities in Birmingham

If you are an engineer or scientists specialized in IT; analyst, architect, designer, programmer, etc., then you would have an advantage. Also, environmentalists, science teachers, professional orchestral musicians, ballet dancers, chefs and medical professionals are in short supply in Birmingham so you if you major in any of these fields then it would not be difficult to find job opportunities.

Retail and hospitality have a high staff turnover in Birmingham, and as such, there are often vacancies available in these sectors.

Birmingham management culture and work environment

● Teamwork

Most companies in Birmingham still have a direct hierarchy with managers being responsible of the decision making and being fully in charge of employees. The most important managerial skills you should work hard to develop if you want to work in Birmingham are having a good relationship with your staff and leading a team efficiently.

You have to learn to work within a team as this is highly valued in all sectors in Birmingham.

● Meetings are important

All UK based companies like meetings a lot. They hold lots of meetings which are usually planned in advance with a set agenda. Although some meetings may seem informal, each member of the team leaves with a specific task. In some Birmingham companies, the British ironic sense of humour with euphemism and understatement is allowed in meetings and in the workplace to express criticism and prevent embarrassment. This is where being a citizen gives you an advantage as most foreigners do not catch on to it easily.

● Being polite is paramount

Birmingham is made up of polite but formal logical and pragmatic individuals who favour the red tape bureaucratic system. You have to study and understand their pattern of interaction before you set out to look for jobs in Birmingham.

● Budget and planning

Companies usually focus their annual budget on organizational planning. Surpassing or reaching fixed targets could be rewarded with a bonus payment.

● Working from home

Employees of higher ranking can work through lunch and can also take work home after office hours.

● Men dominate the managerial positions

For now, men dominate higher management positions.

● Language preference

Although being a native English speaker is essential, speaking a second language will give you an advantage when searching for job opportunities. Owning a university degree and speaking English fluently would mean you only need a postgraduate course to enable you to teach your second language in a Birmingham school or university.

What should your CV look like

A standard UK CV can be used to search for vacancies in Birmingham.

Your CV should be ideally longer than two sides of the A4. Although some academic CVs could be longer.

You CV should include relevant information that would help employers make the decision to hire you. It should include:

  • Contact details – phone number, active email address, mobile phone number
  • Education – ensure that you list and date previous education. You should place the most recent as the highest on the page, including any professional qualifications
  • Referees – you need to provide the names and contact details of two people that can provide positive comments concerning your previous employment or experiences
  • Skills – endeavour to include your skills: your ability to work as part of a team, managerial skills, customer service skills, or even specific IT skills.
  • Work experience – this is an important part of your CV. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an actual job, but can be internship experience and even voluntary roles.

Finding a job in Birmingham

You can find a job that meets your qualifications from the comfort of your home. There are so many online platforms that can help you find job vacancies in Birmingham. The most popular of them is Jobtome.

Jobtome is the top online job search engine in the UK. It is easy to use. All you have to do is visit the website and fill your job preference and place. The search engine will automatically find vacancies that best fit your request.

Securing job opportunities in Birmingham doesn’t need to be stressful. If you know how and where to look, you will find a suitable position in no time.