Female MCs; Can we all just get along?

The Answer: Hell Nah.

The concept of heightened pseudo competition; lots of successful black women suffer from this. I would call it “petty” or “catty” but it’s much deeper than that. Black women suffer, or not, depends on how you look at it, from superiority complex. You know the concept that black women are Queens? Exactly. We prefer to dominate and maintain dominance in any scenario. And when it comes to rap and popular culture we don’t deviate from the plan
Why would the likes of Nicki Minaj give credit to a Cardi B? That’s her competition. Naturally, she doesn’t want to acknowledge another female that can dethrone her. I also don’t see Beyonce stepping off her two-decade R&B/Pop throne anytime soon. Where are the Bey and Rihanna joint projects? Missing in action. Why? Because they are the queens of their own lanes and are killing sh*t. 
Nicki Minaj during her XXL interview stated she “re-introduced female rap to pop culture” during her emergence into hip hop. If you check the Billboard Top 100 back in 2010, when Nicki’s fame started to grow, you’ll notice she is the only female rapper (not the only female) mentioned. Her comments were essentially facts but, Missy Elliot took to twitter to tell us, in an indirect way, that she disagreed. If one were to connect the interview with Missy’s comments, you could draw that Missy thinks Lil Kim has broken all the barriers Nicki spoke about long before her. Again, these are facts. But, why couldn’t Missy let Nicki have her shine? Easy answer, before Nicki was holding that title it was Missy and Lil Kim. It’s the Female Superiority Complex kicking in.
Black women will fight for what they feel is theirs to protect even if it comes off as spiteful. Think about it. We rant and rave over women of different races dating our men, because we feel they belong to us. We will fight and sabotage other females when we feel threatened. We even throw snotty sharpe looks at women we don’t even know when we’re in the presence of another confident woman. Ladies, have you ever said “I don’t know why she’s hating on me, I’ve done nothing to her”? 
Female Superiority Complex. Ladies we need to start checking our sh*t at the door.