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Everything you need to know about the Hungarian Grand Prix

The Hungarian Grand Prix first took place in the 1930s but it came into its own once the Hungaroring was created. The famous F1 track is just a 25km taxi ride from Hungary’s vibrant capital of Budapest. Billed as one of the most affordable tracks to attend on the F1 circuit, the Hungarian Grand Prix has plenty to offer visitors who flock there each year.

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Find the Best Spot

The Hungaroring is a track full of twists and turns, so you want to make sure you have a good seat. The final turn has good vantage points, and you are likely to spot the winner first, but turn one is the optimum over-taking spot, so you are guaranteed more action but also face a higher ticket price. If you like the pit action, the main straight is your best bet to see the tactical decisions playing out. Another option is the Aquarena, a local water park which won’t have the same atmosphere but does have great views of the track.

What to Take

July can mean soaring temperatures in Budapest, so sunscreen and hats are essential. It’s worth packing a suitcase and extending your trip past the race, as there are fantastic places to visit nearby. Budapest is a great mix of the old and the new; there is plenty of history and culture to explore and a vibrant and popular nightlife. The city is split by the river Danube and offers up many places to visit such as St Stephen’s Basilica and the Communist Memento Park.

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Food and Drink

When visiting the Hungarian Grand Prix you can expect to sample plenty of local sausages and stews such as the famous goulash, but be warned that some of these are on the spicy side. Palinka and Unicum are the local spirits – they are worth trying, but there are also local wines and beers to sample. If you are looking for a more VIP experience, then it’s worth investigating hospitality options such as the Hungary F1 Paddock Club – visits can be arranged by

The Hungarian Grand Prix is a great event in the sporting calendar and provides you with the opportunity to explore new places and sample some tasty local food and drink whilst learning about the culture of central Europe.