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Entry Level Finance Jobs

There are quite a few entry-level finance jobs that are available in the finance sector. Salaries are different,extensively based on firm, applicant education level, and geographic location. Listed here are some of the general entry-level jobs along with the salaries, which also include bonuses.

Corporate Financial Analyst

In this position, you would work incorporate finance field. You’ll help the corporation to find money, which helps it to grow as well as operate. You will be placed in a team that helps corporation plan and manage financial future and existing cash. Candidate should have problem-solving skills. You are responsible to generate reports on monthly as well as quarterly basis.

Investment Junior Financial Analyst

Here, you will be working for investment bank. You will be responsible to perform lot of R & D kind of things and plan reports. You also assist associates makeup initial public offerings;corporations issue stocks, and governments issue government bonds.

Bonuses for the job will be high, and sometimes accounting will be 50 percent of annual salary. Performance matters in promotions as well as job retention.

First Year Stock Broker

Numerous stockbrokers will start their career as interns, who are not paid, or they will be recruited on commission-only basis in the beginning. After their licensing exams and training’s, they will be recruited as full time employee under salary basis. Early salaries may be very few thousands; however, salaries increase with increase in experience.

You don’t need any business degree to start with and if you attain degree in economics or finance you will have delineated leg up. Your position may change with major brokerage and you can also gain experience for further career.

Average salary paid for stockbrokers in NY is $90,000 per year. However, wide variations in the job and high performing brokers will receive vast annual extras.

Financial Planner

Mostly, as a financial planner, you will be working under private investment company. You may need BS in economics or finance. Master degree would be even more beneficial. You will assist individuals to supervise personal financial assets via risk management and proper planning in creating a financial plan.

This particular field is pretty competitive. They will always compete with others in business-related issues. Performance of the financial planner directly impacts the annual income or salary.

Financial planners will be paid about $40K/ year initially. Salaries also rise pretty quickly along with the experience. If a normal planner becomes certified financial planner, he may receive 6-figure salary with right experience, education, geographic location, and firm.

Careers in Finance do have promise if you are a person who has a knack for numbers. So if you are a numbers guy, than go for this as an entry-level job.