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Enjoying Melbourne as a Couple

It is commonly heard today that to keep the love alive, you must keep igniting the spark. Of the many different ways to do that, travelling together has got to be one of the most exciting and effective. After all, humans were meant to explore, discover and experience new things so being confined to a space for a long period of time is not exactly conducive to growth. Travel has the ability to reinstate all good things for your body, mind and soul which is why it is the ideal option for couples. Whether old or young, it does not matter; as long as you are young at heart, nothing is impossible! Take in the city of Melbourne with your better half and enjoy these activities together.

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Yarra Valley

Frankly, you need not have a partner to enjoy this heavenly spot known as Yarra Valley. You can even revel in its glory on your own because after all…wine! For those who are travelling with their significant other you are looking at private dining experiences, private tours of the winery as well as flights to and fro that will further personalise your experience. In fact, Yarra Valley is a number one selection amongst tourists both single and not. You will feel nothing less than royalty. Definitely a must-add onto your list!

Cruise Dinners

Why settle for just any dinner when you can have dinner with a flair? Although yes they come at a higher price tag, if you plan for it ahead of time you can save up. Cruise dinners have a personality of their own and have the potential to become an unforgettable memory. If you are already in town and are stuck for ideas for things to do in Melbourne today, why not check your options out with this? Different places offer different rates so you should call up a few recommended ones to compare. If bookings are all full, why not consider a sky-high dinner at a restaurant that looks above the city?


Although this seems like the sort of thing you could do from anywhere in the world, people are actually not enjoying it enough. Sunsets on their own exude romance and taking a few minutes to truly let it sink in can have a miraculous effect on you. In Melbourne, there are so many places to catch the sunset from, be it on your private boat which you hired for the day, that glass restaurant you are having drinks at or simply from Ruckers Hill in Northcote. You both have probably been busy with life in itself to take in small moments such as these so it is nice to reconnect every so often.

Walk About

Last but certainly not the least, walk. This city has so many beautiful, interesting, weird roads and paths that are full of culture and art. Take a relaxing stroll not only here but also at the Royal Botanical Gardens for a bout of nature. Sometimes, all it takes some grass and trees to set your mind right and re-align your energies. Walk all the way to dinner if you want to… after all, you are on holiday!