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Enjoy the Wide Ranging Health Bar Products from Santa Barbara

Every time you go to the health food product stores, you can find new lineups of nutrition bars. If you’re one among those people who often alter their health bars choice just to experience the difference of taste or energy level of them, it is rather a good option to stick to one particular brand. In case, you have not yet found the appropriate bar and you are in search of it, you can obviously try different brands. But once you discover the right one for you, sticking to it is the best choice. In reality, all most all nutrition bars come in great packaging with boasting publicity slogans.

Everyone claims that they are offering the best health bars in the industry. However, in practical sense, making the bars vitamin or protein rich or offering synthetic sugary coats is not at all good for your health. Instead of helping you in your health loss program, the excess sugar contains or fats are likely to make you heavy. So, you should search for the products that have well balanced nutrient contains. Headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, Santa Barbara Essential Foods is acknowledged among the top distinguished bakery product producers in the United States. Initiating its business journey in early 90’s the brain child of Peter Gaum, the wholesale bakery is specializing in crafting, developing and distributing the finest quality health food and bakery food items in the territory.

All health bar products made by Peter Gaum Santa Barbara Group boasts of being the super energy boosting snack bars that contains no GMO and certified as gluten free from the esteemed Gluten Free Certification Organization. As of day, the health bars are available in five blends and flavors. The products are as follows:

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  • Dark Chocolate Almond: Can be taken as a great meal replacement food product due to its completeness and energy sources. Bars are containing cranberries with dark super healthy chocolate with limited sugar mix and best collection of high quality almonds. 
  • Cranberry White Chocolate: Another great product from the house of Santa Barbara. The balanced combination of white chocolate and Cranberry makes the bars super delicious.
  • Mango Lemon: Offers you balanced flavor of lemon manage with natural sweetness.
  • Coconut Almond: The highly delicious health bars contain pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, apart from coconut, almond and dates. The product is highly popular in the market for its taste and energy boosting ability. 

Peanut Cherry Chocolate: While you enjoy a slightly salty savor of fresh peanuts, its semi-sweet dark chocolate and cherry mix will make you feel a never before experience.

For all potential and existing buyers other than its own outlets, you can reach Santa Barbara Bars from the market chain Whole Foods, 7-11’s, Cottage Hospitals, soft shops and sports product outlets. In addition, the health bars, the great creation of Peter Gaum are also available at different workout centers other than retail counters. When you buy online as well in package, you can get high class discount from your most caring community people.