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Eight places you can live that are way cheaper than a house

Homes are more expensive than ever before, and many Brits simply can’t afford to buy their own home right now. This means that renting is the most popular option – but it definitely isn’t the only option.

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There are lots of unconventional housing options you might not have thought of, and they are all much cheaper than buying a home! Here are eight places you can live that are much cheaper than buying a house.

A shipping container

Shipping container homes are becoming more popular in the UK and the US, and with the average shipping container costing less than £3,000, this is definitely a very affordable option.

A micro home

Engineers have started to build micro homes (such as the QB2, a small home that is ideal for one or two people). This means that you still have the luxuries found inside most homes, but you’ll only have to spend around £50,000.

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A park home

Park homes are similar to normal houses, but they tend to be smaller and they are normally only available to people over 50. However, they are more affordable than normal houses, which is perfect for older people with a budget.

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A boat

A canal boat is also a popular housing option in the UK, and they normally cost around £10,000, which is much cheaper than a house!

A caravan

There are caravan parks across the UK with lots of permanent residents. The space is a little small, but this shouldn’t be a problem for a single person or a couple – although it probably isn’t ideal for a family!

A large van

Some people have started to convert white vans into small living spaces. This may seem crazy, but at least you can move around easily!

A yurt

Yurts used to be a popular housing option, and it seems they are going through a revival. Most yurts come with a small living space, running water and a wood-burning stove.

A luxury tent

It is also possible to live in a tent for a while, but this isn’t a realistic long-term option, and you will need to find a place where you can legally put your tent up.