Eating Healthy Myths

Common food myths that keep people from even trying to change their eating habits:

  • Eating healthy is expensive. It’s not. Yes, a salad at Chik-Fil-A is expensive but so are those overpriced nuggets.
  • Healthy food does not taste good. Is a lie. Just like anything else if you don’t season or know how to cook it will be bland.
  • Having a cheat day is ok. You shouldn’t cheat. Foods that you enjoy eating, for example fries, have nutritional value. It’s really all about moderation.
  • You can’t get full off of vegetables. Have you tried? If you’re still hungry, eat more. It’s kind of that simple.

Eating healthy is one part discipline and two part convenience. Train yourself to treat eating like the nutritional value add that it is and surround yourself with the right inventory to be successful.

Some of my personal breakfast favorites

Sautéed squash, mixed salad w/ apple vinaigrette, watermelon, pineapple, avocado slice


Avocado spread, hard boiled egg, over whole grain wheat toast


Black beans with pico, scrambled eggs, squash, avocado, croissant