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Easy steps to downsizing your home

Larger properties require more upkeep

More and more older couples are looking to downsize for a variety of reasons, one being that their current property is too large and requires too much upkeep. If you do want to make the downsizing move, the key is to rid yourself of any clutter. You may also have to part with furniture as some items may not fit into the new smaller property.

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If you’re moving from a three bedroom house to a two bedroom property for example, then the additional bed frame will become redundant. If you don’t have anywhere to place the bed, or indeed any surplus furniture, you will have to put it in storage which can prove costly. You may also encounter additional problems, moving larger items of furniture into smaller rooms. It’s recommended that you examine the floor space of the house you are moving to, to ascertain which furniture will fit and which items you will, unfortunately, have to part with.

Once you’re on the move, you may be tempted to donate or sell smaller items, such as clothing and other bric-a-brac. But don’t launch in too soon and give this step plenty of thought.

If you are digitally savvy, you can store songs from CDs and cassettes, as well as videos and pictures into a cloud account or onto a hard drive, so that memories are never lost. There are many options out there for cloud storage so you can choose one which best suits the volume of documents and other material you want to store.

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The services of a removal firm will be required

Businesses moving to a new location or individuals moving house will require a removals firm. You can contact locally based Slough man and van, a company UKTDL Slough man and van which prides itself on its provision of high-quality removal services.

According to USA Today it makes financial sense to downsize as you head toward retirement.

Preparation for moving is key and this can come down to choosing which clothes to fold and which to hang. Make sure you retain any items that are sentimental, perhaps baby clothes or personal items that have been handed down the generations. Perhaps you also have items that you have forgotten about. Maybe it’s time to sell or donate to a charity shop?