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Drug Stanozolol – One of the Most Efficient and Most Used Anabolic Steroid

This is indicated by anti-doping control experts. People who use the drug also have Stanazolol reviews. “Stanozolol” has played an important role in the development of sports in the last century.

Drug history

Drug “Stanozolol” was well known to patients since 1962. It produced the oldest pharmaceutical company “Sterling-Winthrop”. Social status means – “Winstrol.” The drug has been approved for use by the FDA as a drug administered to a patient strictly on prescription. He used to treat anemia, strengthening the bones. The drug restored the activity of the body after surgery.

Drug development

Started long before its appearance in the arsenal of pharmacies. The research on the effects of the drug “Stanozolol” at the date body returns to the beginning of the last century.

Drug use in sports

Medication “Winstrol” in sport has been more than half a century. Its first began using athletes. These are the official data from the logs of the Commission for doping test, and this is saying and informal feedback. “Stanozolol” used runners Swimmers, wrestlers, players and other sportsmen. But the most popular today in bodybuilding has won. Athletes and their coaches are at high risk of taking the drug. The fact that the drug is “Winstrol” It is forbidden to use the Detected drug use leads to disqualification, cancellation of titles and prizes, cessation of sports career.

But that does not stop the athletes, as the use of Stanozolol gives a great result – in the short term, without a significant increase in body weight of a person can greatly add speed and performance the power to become more difficult.

The drug

There are several treatment cycles. It can be used as a main drug or in combination with other agents. Choosing the course faces the athlete and his trainer – it all depends on the results to be achieved.

A prerequisite of the drug is to gradually increase the dose. It should start with one tablet per day. Only at the end of the week the dose should be increased to the desired volume.

Absorption tablets under the tongue is not recommended by all professionals. The most common drug is swallowed and watered with water. The drug is in the form of tablets no more than 5-6 weeks. This is because stanozolol has a negative effect on the liver.